This is a Total Conversion for Doom 1 and Doom 2. It's inspired by Legend of Zelda. No Nintendo resources were used in this production. Link to the Doom is an overhaul of Medieval Doom. Practically everything has been overhauled in one form or another, and custom monsters and weapons have been added from Realm 667 and tweaked by myself to give the best feel possible. So you are Linc, a Thief, a Wizard or Slayer. Check the Player option to see yourself. The evil Aghanim and Ganohn has taken control of "insert whatever" and it is your task to fight off the army of evil full of Moblins and other strange magical enemies.

LTTD: Link to the Doom v 2.0 now with CLASSES
kalensar Author

I'm open to suggestions on improvements, bug fixes or upgrades.

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- Deactivate Autoaim in weapons
- Add some GLDEFS to projectiles
- Some weapons feel choppy
- If you want to keep the mugshots maybe make them reminiscent to each class
- What's the point of the classes if every player class has the same weapons
- Some sprites need some cleaning, like the shield of linc
- Try to make an sprite for a single arrow
- Aren't the enemies a little too fast ?
- That fire hammer thing doesn't look like it makes sense with his primary projectile
- The linc sword could be more animated

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kalensar Author

I'll address this by each bullet point. Thank you so much for your thoughts!

1. I don't play with autoaim turned on So I didnt catch that one in my testing

2. I don't use dynamic lighting, so this isnt an issue.

3. The only really choppy one is the hammer and that is due to speed to keep it balanced on its melee, otherwise it is an overpowered wrecking ball. I think there is still plenty of wiggle room so I will look into it. The axes needed to be fast and the Linc Sword aint't being touched as it's final product for the altfire is super fun since each rapid combo swing is also a strike before the explosion. So literally all I can smooth out is the hammer.

(I did not build any of those graphics, I did all of the animations by scripting alone on a notepad from the previous existing animations of both monsters and weapons. I have zero graphic design ability.)

4. This was not designed to be played with the Classic Doom Status bar but with the Alternate Hud. So no, I'm not changing the faces because its a cosmetic issue that I never saw in the first place.

5. The Shield of Linc comes directly from Conan the Barbarian of Doom mod as credited. I have no graphic design ability so this will not be worked on. This was a solo project of mine for fun.

6. Once again graphics issue BUT this one could be adjusted within the data set I have available to me. Arrow sprites come from The Bow from Realm 667.

7. For the Classes! Linc is the Easy Mode style because of the OP starter weapons and he's the only one with the Shield and Sword starter. Thief gets the heightened movement speed because he has the weakest start of all of them. Mage has no movement advantage or shield but starts with 300 mana and the Staff. Slayer is literally Doomguy that starts with all his normal weapons and he can use the Bow too. The classes weren't about different weaponry, they had different start advantages or innate advantages.

8. Monsters! Yup! They are tough. This was not meant to be Doom crawl speeds. Many of the monsters drop Food which are +1 health bonus items and Barrels drop usually good stuff. There is plenty of healing to go around or just Play as Linc first and get the feel of the game. Did you even get to the Bosses or mini bosses like a Maulotaur or an Azazel? I've beaten them all and balanced them according to what I feel are a normal gameplay standard. ALSO The Difficulty Settings are CUSTOM. They are not like Normal Doom UV and the monsters are super aggressive or straight up mean. The by far Rudest one is the Wizzrobe which is the Cacodemon replacement. This is done to be an analogue to how rude the original Zelda games of 1, 2 and Link to the Past could be.

9. HAMMER time. The Hammer primary fire is not a projectile. Its a melee flash and is an analogue to the Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time as it sets off an explosion centered on you when it fires. I can try to clean this one up a bit as it is something I am not satisfied either for visual aesthetics.

10. The Linc Sword has by far the most animations out of all the weapons. The Primary fire does not do a single strike. It actually strikes in 5 different positions within its swing arc. So on large enemies or good movement you can actually hit an enemy multiple times in one swing. The altfire has alot of hits all aiming at the center when you release the fire button which is why its flashy looking; every one of those fast slices is a damaging strike then the explosion hits last. This is my take on the Whirlwind attack.

I hope this comment helps because there is a lot of minor nuances in this mod that may or may not be noticed.

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It does helps a little bit.
Thanks for answering!

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