This mod aims to recreate the world of the undead as envisioned by the father of zombie movies, George Romero. The Romero zombies are the classic slow shambling zombies who only want to eat your flesh. They are very persistent and the only way to kill them is by destroying the brain or causing severe damage to the head. The living dead series by George Romero is known for the atmosphere of dread, where even though zombies are slow and weak, they eventually catch up to the humans who end up going against each other due to their personal desires. Modern Fast Zombies have also been added as another choice for gamers to use. I believe that giving gamers the ability to choose how they want to experience a game is the best way to make them happy.

George Romero Mod T07 Deadlight

Now if only we could upgrade buildings already located in home bases when you arrive. Not being able to upgrade buildings in your own base, seems a little stupid. Any way to accomplish this or maybe add more building slots to bases?

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