Designing & developing iOS VR games. Always looking for fresh ideas in terms of gameplay, but putting the magic from the golden era of 8/16bit classics.

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Space Box: The Journey out of the Box

Space Box: The Journey out of the Box


A combination of Fez and Angry Birds, but with a deep message and additional VR mode? Yes! It's Space Box and it's for free on the App Store!

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Latest tweets from @spaceboxgame

Thank you for playing! Game is no longer available and it's open for re-publishing opportunities! #iOS

Nov 10 2019

Reach for the stars! Remember that you're in space and you'll be no closer to them anytime later!

Oct 2 2019

Kids seem more stubborn in pursuing their goal and they want to play games too – in their own way. That's why there…

Sep 28 2019

How long will your journey to self-discovery take? We don't know that, but for Space Unicorn it takes 29 levels + 1…

Sep 21 2019

Take a good 2D jump to make a good 3D spin afterwards. Otherwise you'll "fall" into space! #jumpforce #jump

Sep 7 2019

Your next step starts exactly where your previous one has ended. Sounds simple? Only in words! Plan your journey wi…

Sep 2 2019

You like to compete? Get a high score! Six leaderboards await you: Platform Reached, Stars Collectors, Clever Journ…

Aug 24 2019

Platforms are like things you encounter in your life - they have different bounce. Some will bounce you off hard, s…

Aug 17 2019

Is this just an innocent journey through space or your story of finding your inner-self? Make your choice and embar…

Aug 9 2019