An Atlanta-based virtual reality developer.

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Ethereal Legends

Ethereal Legends

Party Based

Ethereal Legends is a multiplayer action RPG, built in Unreal Engine 4.

Endless Reach

Endless Reach


Endless Reach is a 2.5D shooter that places you in control of a powerful starfighter charged with cleansing the Reach of an evil alien race. The game...

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RT @hermeuscorp: Our first @prattandwhitney F100 engine is in the factory! The engine will be integrated into our enhanced Chimera…

Jun 1 2023

RT @hermeuscorp: In our latest podcast episode we hosted members from our @awscloud Aerospace and Satellite team. The conversation…

May 12 2023

RT @hermeuscorp: We just completed a major hypersonic milestone – turbojet to ramjet mode transition!

Nov 17 2022

RT @hermeuscorp: Chimera ground testing complete – now it’s off to a hypersonic facility where we can simulate flight conditions

Jun 8 2022

I am a fantastic driver... #GranTurismo7

Mar 10 2022

RT @hermeuscorp: Open invitation to come onto the podcast @DJSnM Appreciate the shout out!

Mar 5 2022

RT @hermeuscorp: 2021 has been jam-packed and so much fun. This is only the beginning.

Dec 17 2021

RT @hermeuscorp: So this happened… 🔊

Nov 9 2021

RT @timsoret: Stellar camera animation & programming, on top of the superb naturalistic rendering. Ride 4, PS5, full video:…

Sep 26 2021

That feeling when you really want to play D2R but don't want to give any more money to Blizzard...

Sep 25 2021