Here is the positions available. Check back for more positions I may have forgot to include.

You can CONTACT ME to join.

If you know your naruto history, this will really fit you!

3d Modelers
we really need modellers, so we can start overhauling the models and graphics the mod currently has.

weapon models,

building models,

and armor models.

Texture Artists
making textures for the models

Concept Artists
creating illustrations such as what the model should look like before the model or texture is made

Scene Prop Modeller
modelling the buildings in the ninja villages

editing the villages and towns to make sure the ai can move about or spawn.

Voice Actors
male/female for pre-battle cutscenes I'm creating at the beginning of the missions

3d animator
to create or revise animations in smd file format for battle animations or just simple animations such as standing idle.

those who are experienced in editing the module system

those who know their C++ may find the module system to be a little similar.

if you don't do any of this then pm me about your talents and I'll try to see how it can improve the mod.

Add mod Mods
Naruto Mod: Warring States

Naruto Mod: Warring States

Role Playing

Naruto Mod: Warring States is a Warband Modification in development focused on bringing the Warring States Period to Life in an interactive sandbox gameplay...


I'm down for Beta Testing!

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need any beta testers or a banner maker?

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I really want to help with the voice acting since i have some experience with that for some univercity stuff(mostly comedy stuff) but since i am not in the states i don't know how i can help but if i can i will be glad to help and i don't want anything in return just to be part of your great work(I just know it is going to be great because you did some incredible things with your other mod)

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