This is a group with motivation, and production of games associtated with but not limited to the source engine.

Current products undergoing production:
the inscrutable

Developer: Stephen Henson, AkA "thecooldude498" or AKA Anthony Python

Intellectual Quantum productions Abbreviation is (I.Q. productions)


Creator, and programer - thecooldude498 AKA Stephen Henson or AKA Anthony Python
Leading writer, concept artist- Nathen Dean
2nd writer, concept artist- Chris Rooney
3D Modeler/concept artist/ 2d texture artist - arch lobo
SFM Director- Pte Jack
2nd SFM developer- ♢Maɗ♢Moxxi♢
Voice Actor- KFP | Waiting4Codot
Programmer - Stian Bergstuen
Programmer - Quyen
Level Designer and programmer - Paul Laudun
Mapper - None yet to be filled
Particle Artist - yet to be filled in
Composer/ Voice actor- Shaun Roland
Concept artist- Dexis

Here are some of the jobs we need filled (as will not be able to pay anyone for there hard work yet):
-Mappers (that can create really good maps)

If you have any Questions please contact me @

Thank you
The Developer,
Anthony Python

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The Inscrutable

The Inscrutable

First Person Shooter

The inscrutable takes place around the year 3011 in Aertumi Science , where a woman in a cryogenics is released, and her name is (the player)Jill, there...

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