FerretBit Studios is a small indie game dev company. We are based in Calgary and have created titles such as Five Nights at Taco Cat's, the Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse mod, and the Minecraft Warzone mod, with a unique RPG in development.

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The Last Colony

The Last Colony


Step into the shoes of Zayve Brock, a private investigator on the human colony world of Zarpadon-6, one of the few planets to survive an enormous interstellar...

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Latest tweets from @ferretbitstudio

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ #bearjam starts in a little over 2 days! I can bearly contain my excitement

Aug 8 2017

Laying down some pain #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Sep 17 2016

Adding a built-in gif maker is making screen recordings a lot easier #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Sep 15 2016

RT @WindsOfTrade: I don't know why but it's beautiful to watch your AI fight itself in order to learn the best way to do it! #indiedev T.co

Sep 14 2016

RT @savethejets: Capture the Pug mode! Grab the pug and throw it into the net! #gamedev #pixelart T.co

Sep 13 2016

Redoing a pathfinding system is hard work. Pathfinding doesn't freeze the game anymore, though, so it was worth it. T.co

Sep 7 2016

Our new world editor is making creating new areas a lot easier #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Sep 6 2016

Working on improving combat mechanics #gamedev #screenshotsaturday T.co

Sep 3 2016

After hours of hair-pulling and about 200 failed ideas, I've decided on the name The Last Colony #gamedev #indiegame T.co

Aug 28 2016

Here are a few screenshots of a game we have in development #indiegame T.co

Feb 17 2016