The 23 enigma refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23, some modification of the number 23, or a number related to the number 23.

Enigma 23 is a one man indie dev (with the occasional help from friends), and I'm working on my third game 'Super 23 Racing'.

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Match 3 Classic

Match 3 Classic


Match 3 Classic is a return to the origins of the match 3 genre, just you against a time limit to get the highest score, no fluff, no move limits, no...

Super 23 Racing

Super 23 Racing


Super 23 Racing is a top down racing game, being developed for the PC. Players compete to earn points and money to unlock more tracks and cars. Points...

Minecart Runner

Minecart Runner


An infinite runner with two game modes, and lots of mayhem. Play through two distinctly different game modes in 'Minecart Runner', tackle the normal mode...




Shh,Zombies is a puzzle game where users must get their character (Jim) to the safe house. Purple monkey dishwasher.

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When you set the value of a force way too high ... #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #unity #unity3d

Jan 13 2021

The Unity New Year Asset Store sale is still going! Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) is 30% off until then, it's pe…

Jan 2 2021

Making a game with vehicles in it? Racer? Open world? Something else? Arcade Vehicle Controller will get your vehi…

Dec 29 2020

Arcade Vehicle Controller is still on sale, 30% off! AVC can be used to make almost any type of vehicle very quick…

Dec 28 2020

Ooops... why did I update a project using URP (& a shader from the asset store) to 2020.2.0 - knowing full well the…

Dec 20 2020

No update on the prototype game today... just a silly promo for Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) which is on sale fo…

Dec 17 2020

pew pew pew ... working on some sort of shooting system in this prototype. This prototype that uses Arcade Vehicle…

Dec 16 2020

Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) is in Unity's New Year sale for 30% off. This prototype was setup with working car…

Dec 15 2020

v1.13 of Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) is out now. This version adds support for 3 wheeled vehicles.…

Dec 14 2020

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