Members of the Elite Mod Team

Project lead designer
Caeltos | founder, lead designer Long-time top level Dawn of War II player who started the mod as a
balance design sandbox. Designs all the actual gameplay and balance functionality that you love.


Wise Windu | modder, codicier The Keeper of the Codex recently also works on the mod itself.

2d artwork

Kilgarn | 2d artwork 2D art for the Painboy, Vanguards, Sternguards, Chaos Raptors, Terminators,
Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, and so on and so forth (a lot).

3d artwork

Gray | 3d artwork 3D art for the Vindicare Assassin.

sterling | 3d artwork

Orkfaeller |3d artwork


Max Power | maps Why settle for less? Made Garzweiler Mine, Tartarus Harbor, Valhalla Oilfield,
Kasyr Lutien Redux, Wrath of Baal, Argent Shelf Redux Version 2 and Meridian High City so far.

Indrid | maps Responsible for multiple retail map re-themes and made Estia Province, Kathari Ruins,
Deathworld Temple and Avensa Stronghold.

In memoriam

Lulgrim | hakon | Kolaris | Thomas the Tank Engine |
Shuma |
Bloodravage | horusheretic | SargeX |
caid | Angry Bird
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Dawn of War 2: Retribution - Elite Mod

Dawn of War 2: Retribution - Elite Mod

Real Time Strategy

Dawn of War II: Elite is a multiplayer mod for Dawn of War II: Retribution. Originally envisioned by Caeltos (a competitive player with a wealth of experience...

[TCA]Commander_Crunk - - 17 comments

Are you guys going to be able to let us edit the color scheme of the elite schemes in the next update? Cuz I would love to edit the Black Templars' elite scheme to be all gold.

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dow2_cloud Creator
dow2_cloud - - 37 comments

replying late here but this is already possible to do, the only restriction is that the files will get "replaced" every time the we send a new patch. However people get around this by having an outside folder where they keep their custom armypaint settings, which can be pasted back into the mod after each update.

(i haven't memorized the process but its explained/pinned as a note over on the discord server)

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xBadxKarmax - - 4 comments

Greetings. Can I run this mod for Multi and still play the campaign?

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Guest - - 692,369 comments

Hey guys i love your Mod I play it all the time. My favorite Faction it the Eldar, but i feel there is one thing missing that i would love to see happen to the eldar. If you would be so kind can you atleast create a side mod build off of the elite mod that includes the Striking Scorpions in the Eldar roster. thank you for your time!

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