We are the developers of the Modern Combat mod for Relic's Company of Heroes.

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Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

Company of Heroes: Modern Combat

Real Time Strategy

Modern Combat transports players into the midst of a high-tech war between the current-day Chinese and U.S. militaries. Incorporating all-new factions...

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Guest - - 692,453 comments

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XUHHH - - 5 comments

I have some questions aboat the weapons fx. I can't open the .bfx file and edit it.

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cmbtvt101st - - 2 comments

After I go to the Launch options and past the -applaunch 228200 -dev -mod ModernCombat for the modern combat mod, it will no longer let me launch the game? But if i go back and delete the text in the launch field,it will let me start the game up. Ive done everything as instructed, but still nothing, I dont know much about these mods so would someone please help? Ive just gotten into the COH and would really like to play the modern version of it being that i am a veteran myself. Thanks,

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libby72 - - 18 comments

Can i get help evertime i try to install the mod it keeps saying Network error occurred while attempting to read from the file. Any help?

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artur211 - - 2 comments

У меня проблема пишет Ваше программное обеспечение в актуальном состоянии

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artur211 - - 2 comments

почему у меня не выходит ярлык в папке Modern Combat

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Irishman215 - - 156 comments

feel there needs to be more unique units and mortars are a little OP but other than that love the mod and maybe you guys can make the commander tree a 4X4 with 16 abilities

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fpcoolpickle - - 3 comments

Me and my friend want to try this awesome looking mod out but the problem is we cant get 5 seconds into a game without the american side instantly winning the game how can i fix this???

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waytoogodly - - 58 comments

hey guys im having the hardest time in the world trying to download MC for CoH. i have literally spent hours and looked at many guides to try and get this to work and i would really appreciate it if one of you devs can help me install it via teamview or something similar. if i do receive the support ill be able to help out my friends get their problems solved. thanks

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turkischpwner - - 1 comments

Help! I installed nhc mod 2.602.
When i start the game it says i need a legimate product key ,but i downloaded it from steam?

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