Appeal was a Belgian video game development company established in 1995 by Franck Sauer, Yann Robert and Yves Grolet. Prior to forming Appeal, they had a 12 years experience in the game industry working together to create games for 8-bit computers, coin-op and PC. The company developed only two projects, not a widely known No Respect and the critically acclaimed Outcast. Even though Outcast didn't meet expected sale numbers, it boasted with advanced technology and has gained a loyal fan base which exists up to this day. Founded in 1995 in Charleroi, Belgium.

It declared bankrupt in August 5, 2002. However as of 2013,

However the people behind this studio have since formed "Daoka", as well as people from AMA Studios S.A.

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Third Person Shooter

Outcast focuses upon the misadventures of Cutter Slade, a hard-luck former Navy Seal. A parallel world called Adelpha is discovered, and the U.S. military...


Former members:


Franck Sauer ... Co-founder/Art director

Yann Robert ... Co-founder/Director of development

Yves Grolet ... Co-founder/Director of development

Art department

Iwan Peter Scheer ... Animator (credited on Ultimate Tennis and Outcast)

Catherine Marechal ... 2D Artist (credited on No Respect and Outcast)

Adam Conard ... 2D Artist (credited on No Respect and Outcast as Adam)

Renaud Dauchel ... 3D Artist (credited on No Respect and Outcast)

Filip Camermans ... 3D Artist (credited on No Respect and Outcast)

Veronique Lerminiaux ... 3D Artist

Michael Defroyennes ... 2D/3D Artist

Research and Software department

Vincent Penquerch'h ... Voxels engineer

Christophe Chaudy ... Voxels engineer

Christof Jans ... Tools engineer/Game programmer (credited on No Respect and Outcast)

Gil Damoiseaux ... CG engineer/Game programmer

Stephane Champailler ... CG engineer

Christophe Bauvir ... Game programmer

Mickael De Ruyter ... Game programmer

Douglas Freese ... Game programmer

Keith Friedly ... Game programmer


Michele Lanoe (credited on No Respect and Outcast)

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