Basically a huge face lift for the original "The Ultimate Torment & Torture" by Tormentor667 - Almost every weapon got a meticulous recoil effect, ensuring there is no change in the firing speed, and that the view pitch will be restored before the gun can be shot again. - Weapons with smooth animations (Perkristian's Smooth Weapons) + rls smooth minigun, further edited by DBThanatos (to make it less jumpy, and a couple new frames) - All the weapon's projectiles got some improved visuals. - New blood effects, and modified Nashgore trails to match the new blood sprites. - Almost all the monster's projectiles were given some FX lifts. - New bullet decals - New blood decals - Fixed 6 monster projectiles that had no dynamic light assigned in the original TUTNT And most important: Absolutely zero gameplay/balance changes. All projectiles, attacks, weapons, speeds, etc, are the exact same thing as in the original mod.

The Ultimate Torment & Torture: Take II v1.01
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I have the latest gzdoom build and TUTNT v1.08 but I get this error every time I try to run the mod, regardless of method:

Script error, "TUTNTII.pk3:decorate/decgenfx.aed" line 476:
'user_angle' is already defined in 'NewExplosionSmallLittleBigger' or
one of its ancestors.

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "TUTNTII.pk3:decorate/decgenfx.aed" line 476:
Unexpected ';' in definition of 'NewExplosionSmallLittleBigger'

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