SnailBullet: Don't you just hate hitscan enemies? Then this mutator is for you. It makes hitscan enemies shoot slow tracers instead of the unavoidable hitscan attacks. Anti-Agitation: Makes Revenant's missiles home on you less agressively. Lost-Soul Possession: Gives Lost Souls the ability to "possess" dead enemies, re-animating them, but making the lost soul disapear. Contra-like: Makes you die in one hit, but gives you a damage buff (x2 or x4 damage). Got the idea for this when me and a couple of friends fucked with the damage factor in a survival game a long time ago. It was hard as nails, but surprisingly fun(In multiplayer anyway). NOTE: Contra-like should work with every mod, but it doesn't work so good with Brutal Doom. Make sure you load Contra-like BEFORE Brutal Doom, or else it'll just lock you in third person view and make you nigh invulnerable (Yeah, go figure...). But even when you load it right it seems you lose 50 hp at random some times.

Simple Mutators v1.1
Kennethern - - 3 comments

This is a ******* GRAND pack of modifications. I absolutely adore the agitation and sluggish bullets mixed with weapon mods like Demonsteele and Trailblazer. :D Cudos, 10/10.

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theGermanDoomGuy1939 - - 49 comments

Is there a way to make it compatible with BD20b and V21?

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julian0587 - - 8 comments

I Thought Brutal Doom Had No Hitscan

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