Much longer, extended version of Hell's Ambiance. Requires a modern ZDoom port for full functionality.

Extended Hell

Amazing soundtrack!!! It really changes the mood and pace of the game... And it is awesome.
I'm really grateful for this mod. Thanks!!

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DoomVideoVault Author

I am glad you like this, you should give due credit predominantly to Kevin MacLeod, whose music I modified and used a handful of Jaxxoon R's tracks as well.

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I have a idea for you why dont you make a folder called music and put all the music in the folder then make a acs script like this

#library "music"
#include "zcommon.acs"

Script "music" (void)

Compile the script then make a folder called acs and put the compiled script in the folder then make a loadacs lump with the library name in it

Make a dummy actor to execute the script to see if it worked hope this
Helps in the future

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Or make a new mapinfo with the title of the music you want to set after putting all songs in the music folder

map E1M1 lookup "HUSTR_E1M1"
levelnum = 1
titlepatch = "WILV00"
next = "E1M2"
secretnext = "E1M9"
sky1 = "SKY1", 0
cluster = 1
par = 30
sucktime = 1
music = "filenamehere"

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