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This remaster pack was mounted to improve immersion and be compatible with virtually any CoC based full conversion or addon. Specially developed to complete CoC Zone Overhaul experience.

CoC Zone Graphic Overhaul v1.0 [CoC 1.4.22]

When ever i install the ReShade on my game i get an error, i also use the same coc-1.4-xray-64,with the default 32bit engine i have no problems despite if any effects are active or not i always get the same error

[error]Expression : <no expression>
[error]Function : xrMemory::mem_usage
[error]File : memory_usage.cpp
[error]Line : 63
[error]Description : fatal error
[error]Arguments : bad node in heap

stack trace:

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renard162 Author

I'm sorry for late. I'm having much work here out of game.

Your problem can be some things and we need to verify each possibility:

1 - With 64 bit executable, try to remove "d3d11.dll" file from your "bin" folder (this is the reshade file). If your game don't crash, than the problem is ReShade.

1a - Verify if your game is configured to use directX 10 or 11, other version can cause gitchs or crashes with reshade installed.

2 - This bug usually occur in two situations if it's not caused by external files/mods: Corrupted game files or Lack of memory (RAM) to execute the game. To verify the source you can rename the "gamedata" folder to anything (disabling all mods) and verify if the game continue to crash. If the game stop to crash, your problem can be lack of memory to use all addons/textures or any of these can be corrupted.

If the game game continue to crash, your problem can file corruption from base game. In this situation, just download the game installer (Installer from 1.4.12 and the update to 1.4.22) and re-install the game.

Obs.: You'll need to re-install 64 bit executable too because it's replaced by original installer.

Remember, if you have less than 4Gb of RAM, don't use the 64 bit version of the game. This version will cause memory issues if you have less than this amount of memory. The ideal situation is to run the game with 64 bit executable in systems with at least 8Gb of RAM.

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I have the 64 bit engine of to the latest update 1.4.22. The error happens at the on main menu when the re-shade try loads even with Vanilla game i get the error, with the 32 bit engine no problem but i get a lot of crashes in game, i have 12gb of ram.

These are the mods that i use i like to keep the game Vanilla as possible
1. Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 (v.5)
2. Outfit Addon 1.4.7
3. Outfit Addon Patch (for Arsenal Overhaul)
4. DoctorX Dynamic Faction Relations 1.8 [1.4.22]
5. DoctorX Faction Relations 1.6 [CoC 1.4.22]
6. DoctorX Dynamic Anomalies 2.1 [1.4.22]

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renard162 Author

I think your problem is the ReShade for unknown reason. Try to delete "d3d11.dll" inside the bin folder and tell-me if your game crash continue.

If it's don't work, unfortunately the problem can be file corruption (this is the reason that I tell you to verify game files).

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With out the ReShade pack the game runs fine that's what i am trying to tell you but even if i delete the d3d11.dll how is the ReShade going to work ? also there is no problem with the 64 bit engine because if there was a problem the game would not run at all.

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renard162 Author

d3d11.dll is the reshade, deleting it will disable reshade. You said that with 32 bit executable, your game don't crash. It occur because, on this pack, there's no reshade 32 bits, than this feature stay disabled on this pack.

I'll search some possible solutions to your problem but its probably related with your system (drivers or windows components installed). Please, tell me your hardware config (motherboard model, processor and graphic card).

Other thing that I don't ask to you, your game is configured to use DirectX 10 or 11 ? You already tried to change it ? (from Dx 10 to 11 or vice versa).

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My system is:
Model X556UQ
Windows 10 Home x64
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2592 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
Adapter Intel® HD Graphics 520
Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2048 (VRAM)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 12.0 GB

Like i said i never had any problems with the game and i always run it on dx9 enhanced even with the 32 bit i run it like that the 64 runs better, the only issue is that damn reshade i guess its only build for 32 bit games.

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