Single player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Original work by Flipmode, fixed incorrect texture skybox and new details by HellBaron.

Clonewar 2044 v1.1

offtopic i guess but now i really feel like reinstalling RtCW, been years n years :p

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You really should. This game still has some life in it, and you should spread the word if you haven't. I want the world to know that Rtcw is still alive.

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Started to play it again after my PC decided it will not work, and since RTCW runs great on everything, it's one of few games I can actually play on laptop I'm on now.
And tbh, haven't had so much fun in a while!
I'm just surprised my favorite source for custom maps seems to be closed (filefront/gamefront/whatever that was)

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That was great fun to frag on, Baron. Thanks as always for your time and effort :) .

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H3llBaron Author

Thank you WolfRTCW. No effort, I had fun with it! I hope the same for all of you!

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