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Here is the list of factions for both 'Defenders' and Non-playable 'Attackers'

Posted by FI2_Dev_Tak on Mar 20th, 2013
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Welcome fellows! So you are interested in what kind of factions there are in Full Invasion right? Well congratulation you have come to the right place. First of all you have to understand that this mod is trying to have as many factions as possible so the replay value of the mod will last longer rather than just focusing on one. You may call this multiplayer compilation like Floris (Single Player Mod) but this is how this mod is heading.

When you play the mod please don't vote for Def vs Def or it will turn into a PVP. Invasion mode only works for Defender vs a Invasion.

- Some Factions are made for laughs, please don't take it too serious!

Full List of Defender Factions - These are players who is trying hard to survive against endless waves of invaders)

There is a easter egg faction for defenders, hint: Space xxx

Empire - A Medieval Faction inspired from the English Knights, German Knights, French and many more.

Kingdom - An old Class Full Invasion faction, Mixed with Russian Infantry and the like

All Native Factions - From Swadia to Khergit, all native faction items are the same but with a bit more

The Norse- A Viking base faction

All WFAS factions- All factions from Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth up to Cossacks.

The Crusader States - Knights Hospitallers, Crusaders, Teutonics, Knights of Jerusalem and so on.

Assassins Guild - Inspired from Assassin's Creed faction

The Roman Empire - Inspired from Rome 1 and 2 Total War

Gallic Tribes / Gemanic/ Britania Tribes- Ranging from tribes from Britania up to Gaul

Imperial Legion - A Computica SoD based faction (Sword of Damocles)

The Sengoku Jidai - A Shogun 1/ 2 Inspired based faction

Chinese Dynasties - Era range from Three Kingdoms up to Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and Han Dynasty

The World War Soldiers- Based on WW1 and WW2 factions

The Super-Heroes - A faction that is made entirely for Fun

The Modern Era- A Modern Overpowered Gun based faction

The Zombies - A faction that is made entirely for fun

The 16th Century - 16th Century based faction as said

The Hammerite - A faction inspired from Thief (A Game)

The Hedge Knights - A faction inspired from Witcher 2

The Highlanders - A faction inspired from Brave Heart (Movie)

The Cowboys- With shoguns and pistols...

Kingdom of Bretonnia- A faction inspired from Warhammer Fantasy

The Anglo Zulu War- A faction based on Willhelm's Anglo Zulu War.

The Future Marines - A faction based on Star Wars as well as Futuristic Soldiers

The Seven Kingdoms - A faction based on Game of Thrones.

All Seven Years War factions - A faction based on the Seven Years War.

Arnor- Faction based on Arnor (LOTR)

Gondor - Faction based on Gondor (LOTR)

Rohan- Faction based on Rohan (LOTR)

Elves - Faction based on Elves (LOTR)

Dwarves - Faction based on Dwarves (LOTR)

Men of the East - faction based on Harad and Easterlings (LOTR)

Isengard - faction based on Isengard (LOTR)

Mordor - faction based on Mordor (LOTR)

Rohan & Elves - faction combination of Elves and Rohan. in the battle of Hornburg.

The Middle Earth - All LOTR factions combined, with good and evil.

WFAS Demons Combined- a Unfinished Product

Imperium of Man - A Warhammer 40K based faction

The Middle East- A Middle East based faction

Full List of Invading Factions: These are invaders trying hard to kill players. You will face more of them as you reach higher waves.

Full list of playable "PVP" factions in current faction:

Game mode will still be Invasion, but you can join attackers, your task is to destory all defenders. (It will be extremely hard for defenders to survive, because you will be fighting against bots and players.)

To activate this mode, start a poll with Defender faction vs. Defender faction.
However the only working PvP is Crusaders. More will be added in future when I have free time.

Invaders (Unplayable factions which attacks the player)

Invasion of Farmers - Farmer based faction
Invasion of Zombies - Zombie based faction
Invasion of PtHdZFwCm's (Potato-throwing Half-decayed Zombie Farmers with Clown masks based faction)
Invasion of Goblins - Goblins based faction
Invasion of Barbarians - Barbarians Tribes based faction
Invasion of Crazy Farmers - A Extremely retarded faction made for fun
Invasion of Isengard - Isengard based faction
Invasion of Persians - Persian based faction against the Greeks
Invasion of Terrorists  - a Silly faction made for fun
Invasion of Native Indians and Aztecs - Indians and Aztecs based faction
Invasion of Mordor  - Mordor based faction 
Invasion of Swadians  - Native based faction
Invasion of Rhodoks  - Native based faction
Invasion of Nords  - Native based faction
Invasion of Vaegirs - Native based faction
Invasion of Mongols - Unfinished project, Mongol based faction 
Invasion of Rome - Roman based faction
Invasion of Skeletons - Skeleton based faction
Invasion of Robots - Droids and robots based faction
Invasion of Little Ponies - A silly faction made for fun
<s>Invasion of Anime  - out of the line due to so much haters
Invasion of Ghost</s> (Be back when Army of the Dead faction is complete)
Invasion of Chinese Dynasties  -  Yuan Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty and Three Kingdoms Era based faction
Invasion of Sengoku Jidai  - Shogun1/ 2 based faction
Invasion of Creatures  - A non-finished project, monster based faction 
Invasion of Gaul  - Gallic Tribes based faction 
Invasion of Modern  - A Silly faction made for Fun
Invasion of Zulus  - Anglo Zulu War based faction 
Invasion of Alien Bugs  - Startroops based faction
Invasion of Orks   - Warhammer Orks based faction
Invasion of Black Powder Era  - Gun Powder based faction
Invasion of Socialists  - Democracy based faction
Invasion of Midgets  -Tiny Dwarves faction
Invasion of Demons   -Demons based faction
Invasion of Crusaders  -Crusaders based faction
Invasion of Northern Tribes  - Skyrim Dragonborn based faction
Invasion of With Fire and Sword - With Fire and Sword based faction

There are several easter-egg factions in this mod, they are made entirely for the lul and show my feelings toward the boredom of making this mod.

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Gonzalord Apr 10 2013, 4:00am says:

Can anyone make a list with the Faction ID to add it on a Dedicated server .txt file?
Cause the Tutorial showing the server fac list isnt complete and some fac are wrong placed, theres no spartans in the list D: can someone help me PLEASE?

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FI2_Dev_Tak Author
FI2_Dev_Tak Jun 21 2014, 2:54am replied:

Yep okay, its in the latest server config now

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