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Another Blood 2 Resurrection video that you can either watch or ignore...

Posted by kurtfuhr on Nov 25th, 2008

I've been taking a look at some of my older levels recently and so I thought I'd present a new video. There isn't a whole lot of action in this particular video, but this level does attempt to create an interesting atmosphere while still trying to feel related to the original Blood. I'm not sure what others might think of this type of approach, but I do like to experiment with things.

The level itself is currently incomplete and not yet properly optimized, so it does run a little choppy in some spots. The Cabal have apparently been neglecting certain things, but come down into the Blood 2 sewers with me if you dare...

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AJ_Quick Nov 25 2008 says:

possibly the most boring thing i've ever watched in my life.

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kurtfuhr Author
kurtfuhr Nov 25 2008 replied:

Sorry you feel that way, but I did give you the choice of watching or ignoring it.

I'm just experimenting with things on an old obsolete engine in an attempt to salvage this game. Try repairing Blood 2 yourself if you don't appreciate my efforts...

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AJ_Quick Nov 25 2008 replied:

How am i supposed to know it sucks w/o watching it?

for the record, you could have probably created an exciting trailer with that footage, just using cool *** music and quick camera zooms / pans through the environ. Then again, you'd have to keep it super short.

@ 5:23 your current video is just way too long.

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kurtfuhr Author
kurtfuhr Nov 26 2008 replied:

I was not attempting to create a trailer. This is simply a demonstration of an experimental level that I chose to make available.

Would video of gameplay from a game such as Silent Hill suck, because nothing much happens most of the time? Any memorable game is more then non-stop action. It is atmosphere, artwork, style, and mood that add to the experience.

I'm sorry that 5:23 of your time was wasted. If I ever create another video I'll make sure its flashy, full of action and has kick *** music, just for you. Thank you for your opinion.

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meluvbeer Nov 26 2008 replied:

its cool kurfuhr, its an old game anyway. Kadish thinks his opinion matters cuz he made one mediocre mod. dont listen to that elitist troll i wanna see more

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manhunt0r Nov 26 2008 replied:

objective argumentation is sooo not cool nowadays apparently.
anyway, the video is really to long for the amount of content shown, if that isnt dull/boring idk what is.
nonetheless, it looks better than the original game in my memory, might be worth a look.

ps: if you arent interested in critics you might as well put something more emo-styled into description.

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Snarboo Nov 26 2008 says:

That looks and sounds so much like the original Blood. Very atmospheric.

The only thing it's missing are cultists chasing you down and gill beasts popping out the water. :D

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DukeNico Nov 26 2008 says:

What a poor troll attempt.
I like what you do with B2R, and you don't give up... experimental stuff shouldn't be placed as a news though, for certain persons may think it sucks because of the reasons above.
Hell, this is not Killing Floor, but shut up srsly. There I am, I feed a troll.

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leilei Nov 26 2008 says:

Fixing Blood 2 is like trying to make Plan 9 from Outer Space into Star Wars

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bradford28 Nov 26 2008 says:

I'm certainly interested in this mod. Sound and atmosphere are excellent. The water is impressive.

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CitizenLand Nov 26 2008 says:

Kurt, great job. You just may want to shorten it (movie) up a bit.

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