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The Dark Mod team has now released version 1.04. Notable changes: Object LOD system, new Textures, Thug and Mage AI, mission preview feature.

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V1.04 Mission Preview

The latest update, 1.04, is out!

To update your existing installation, just run your tdm_update.exe file. The download size for upgrading 1.03 to 1.04 is about 260 MB; a fresh download will be about 2 GB.

This update provides a number of new assets for mappers, including mage
and thief characters, new vocal sets, and an improved LOD system.
Players will also benefit from smaller saved game sizes, more
intelligent AI path-finding, and greebo's brand new mission preview
screen (see image). Players can now see details and screen-shots of
missions before choosing whether or not to download them.

The full changelog can be found on our wiki: What's New for 1.04

* Short summary:

- A lot of code fixes made it into 1.04. Expect our AI to behave much more intelligent in complicated pathing situations.
- Savegame sizes have been greatly decreased.
- Thieves, Thugs, and Mages characters have been added.
- New vocal sets "Lady 2" and "Critic"
- The in-game Mission Downloader displays now more info about the mission before download (including screenshots)
- The improved LOD systems is now ready for use for mappers- The SEED procedural content generator is also now ready for use for mappers
- New models, new textures, some normal maps have been touched up and improved

Note: While missions are fully compatible
with this release, you can NOT load any previously saved games after
updating to 1.04. If you're in the middle of playing a mission, you
might want to finish it before updating.




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nbohr1more Author

A couple of revised missions are pending release VERY soon.

The mod's lead mapper, Fidcal, has the mission "Manor Royale" listed as scheduled for this month.

The mod's artistic lead and main NPC\AI model designer (amongst other feats), Springheel, has explained that his mission is 75% complete with all architecture and AI placement done...

Sotha is pretty well into his 4th Thomas Port mission as well...

Missions are coming. ;)

Also remember that only a small portion of the missions are either here or at the mod's mission download area. The full list is located at this wiki:

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What's there to say. You guys are simply the best :)

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Mates, little problem here - DOOM III installed (ofc from original DVDs). Also tdm_update.exe done, all updated to version 1.04. But when I start the game just after few seconds appears such a message: "Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, select OK and restart application". I tried all three discs and no chance. What i sstrange - after update Doom III game can´t be started as well (the same message). Have I done anything wrong? Maybe in previous live....Pls, try to help me run the game - I am the biggest Garrett´s fun and before Thief 4 launch I wanted to play your Dark Mod. Thx a lot!

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Do you have the latest Doom 3 Patch, v1.3.1? I think that's the latest, if I remember correctly, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. If you haven't patched Doom 3, TDM will not run. Check out this site: for The Dark Mod installation.
Edit: the latest version is From this site:

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Good idea! Thanks for help, will update the game and will see how it works after that. Will let you know if I succeeded.

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Great, after that update game runs! Thank you! But one mission is bugged and second did not even, there are many more missions to try :)

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You might want to check out this site:

According to the thread, there were 4 missions that had some problems working with TDM v1.04. Just in case it was one of these that you tried. They also offered solutions in that thread, so check it out. Great that you got it working! :)

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