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How units in NEP attacks enemy? Something about squads. Why NEP is not released yet?

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NEP has new targeting script. Bombers and artilery units attacks at first powerplants or other buildings, other units are attacked when artillery/bomber can't find any building. Fleet don't chases light units, only shoots to them with no turning.
NEP has infantry squads. You can buy leader unit and it will buy their own subordinate units. It makes capturing buildings very simply just select infantry squad and choice the enemy buildig. In this way you can load intantry to the transporter. When you unload your transporter you can select your squad of 6 infantry units by one click. Squads can auto-complete loss you have to only harvest enough resources. If you put infantry from squad into tanks as crew, you will get tank squad, if tank from squad dies the new one will be produced. If you don't like squads you can play in without it.

Why NEP is not released yet:
-prices of heavy infantry units are imbalanced...NOW IT IS OK
-campaigns are not finished
-heavy fleet units has problems with turning (it isn't caused by targeting script)
-ED has no pictures for researches...NOW IT IS OK
-Tarantula has non textured weapons
-Mercury (infantry transporter) has problem with shield NOW IT IS OK
-AI ED can't build defence buildings
-maybe other problems that i forgot


Glad to hear from you guys, sounds like you're all hard at work!

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some nice ideas here!

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Love the squad based infantry. Very nice upgrade!

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