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little update over the quest and what the next beta will include

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I still need some Help with Voice's etc.
So if you want to help this is your chance Pm me and i tell you what to do.You can Sign up for :

Main mission's
Character modeling

Harry potter mod v0.2 available Download This new Beta Includes A whole new Diagon alley there are Wands, Npc's, and spells
you can go in almost every house ! not al Shops have been made, but we give you V 0.2 !

Thanks to Joel for making Models etc.
thanks to Ryan for making Wands.
Thanks to Diederik for making the Music. he can be found at YT : here
Thanks to me for having this Great idea for the mod
Thanks to all the people who wants to do the Voices

you can go to Diagon alley to go to ROHSAN Shop, please if you download. say if it good or wrong or something that must be better ! Thank you stef538 - moderator !


------>DOWNLOAD HERE <-----

we will go over the 1 5 7 and 8 year if harry potter and in the next beta there will be an example of a quest and the next beta will include a little part of hogsmeade

If it is possible and when the engine is realesed then we will try to port the mod to skyrim

we do this because of some things that oblivion doesn't have like:


better animations
we can make the textures and the models better
we can make the char and the npcs better
actual falling snow like places as hogsmeade
better water script (its actual flowing water)
and some more reason probally a more stable engine

it will probally take more time and some things most be redone but overall it will give you a better mod;)


how do you install it the beta i mean :D ive always been waiting for something like this omg! i love u guys

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