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Gorilla. Has. Arrived. NS2 Gorilla Gameplay Trailer New Alien Class, Marine Tech and Map

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  • You can now evolve to Onos when your team has three hives.
  • The Onos can toss marines with his Gore attack, smash structures and Stomp on the ground, sending a shockwave that disables marine structures for 5 seconds. Upgrades are no longer available, sentries stop firing, Infantry Portals stop spawning, etc.
  • Added Prototype Lab and the ability to research and buy Jetpacks
  • Added new map: ns2_mineshaft
  • Added camera animation and display during count down phase.
  • Name tags now appear over the head of nearby teammates.
  • Added lines for rally points.
  • Mines detonate when hit by Stomp.
  • Added an option to enable mouse acceleration (off by default)
  • Infestation is now displayed on minimap (dying infestation is indicated red)
  • Added some missing Marine structure icons.


  • Reduced Rifle butt range from 1.5 meters to 1 meter (now same as Skulk bite)
  • Shotgun damage changed to Light (armor is twice as effective against it). Made it lighter to carry and increased the damage to compensate (# of shots vs. base Skulks, Lerks and Fades should unchanged, 1 extra pellet vs. Gorges). So Shotguns should become less effective against heavily armored targets. (thanks Schimmel!)
  • Bile bomb range and splash increased a lot, damage decreased somewhat and energy cost decreased a little (trying to make Gorge less vulnerable on front lines and also more able to do at least some damage to entrenched Marines). He is NASTY now, watch out.
  • Increased Hydra health from 500 to 600 and armor from 0 to 75.
  • Increased Lerk Spike cost from 1.5 to 2.5. Changed distribution of Command Station health and armor so it's more resistent vs. Light damage (ie, Lerk Spikes).
  • Disabled res for kills to simplify the game, remove confusion about what happens when you make a kill, reduce end-game stalemates with 1 tower and to increase the strategic aspects of the game.
  • Armory no longer required to drop med packs (unnecessarily restrictive during rushes)
  • Lowered bile bomb damage from 300 to 225.
  • Increased repair rate for Marines repairing each others' armor from 18 to 35 (to make it less annoying and to allow Marines to sustain attacks better).
  • Reverted Fade carapace armor buff from 50 to 30.
  • Removed Lerk "hide" armor.
  • Reduced Shotgun research time from 40 to 20 (it was 0 in NS1). Helps Marines get a foothold with early aggression.
  • Increased minimum egg spawn time from 8 to 10 seconds to less that early Alien assault (now it's the same as Marines)
  • Lowered infantry portal build time from 10 seconds to 7, and Armory from 15 to 12 (to try to lessen effectiveness of Skulk rush)


  • Moved warehouse north.
  • Removed north-east Warehouse entrance.
  • Opened tram tunnel between Server and Warehouse.
  • Reworked connecting corridors into Warehouse.
  • Fixed drifter pathing issues between Server and Control.


  • Fixed bug where the Gorge Bile Bomb ability used the Spit ability icon.
  • Fixed bug where the Gorge Mini Cyst ability used the Hydra ability icon.
  • Fixed script error if a Hive was destroyed while the Gorge that built it as Commander was a rag doll.
  • Cleaned up some Client console spam when a Fade blinks.
  • Fixed script error caused by a spectating player receiving points by getting a kill with a structure placed when they were not a spectator.
  • Added placeholder icons for the Shell and Veil.
  • Fixed bug where the game would randomly lockup while placing a Cyst.
  • Drifter spawn sound effect will no longer play at world origin.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Skulks from leaping at maximum speed.
  • Fixed bug where the physics representations for the Armory and Infantry Portal did not match up with the visual model.
  • Weapon secondary attacks can no longer occur at the same time as primary attacks while coming out of a sprint in some cases.
  • Armory buy menu will not instantly appear once construction is completed.
  • Adjusted Skulk wall walking smoothing rates so that that the 3rd person model rotates more quickly to match the 1st person model (especially while jumping)
  • Health and Ammo packs can now be dropped directly on top of a Marine player.
  • Restored reloading of script files when they change on disk.
  • Fixed Whip 'grenade whack'
  • Bombard projectiles will not collide with the Whip and nearby friendly structures anymore and is created at the correct attach point.
  • Alien player names for Hydra kills will no longer appear in blue text in the death message.
  • Fixed a bug causing Mini Cysts placed by the Gorge to be disconnected when created even in cases where the ghost model indicated the connection was valid.
  • Fixed bug causing dropped weapons to disappear too quickly if they were picked up and dropped again after initially being dropped.
  • AI units cannot attack friendly players anymore unless FF is enabled.
  • Fixed bug causing script error when a Cyst died due to not being connected to a Hive.
  • Fixed crash when too many objects are visible.
  • PhysX scene now supports mirrored geometry.
  • Initial team starting locations chosen with a more random method.
  • Mine will detect enemies more accurately.
  • Slime effect during sprinting will not show up in thirdperson anymore.
  • The ARC will prioritize other structures before Eggs and Cysts.
  • Player turn poses (arms moving with feet planted on the ground) reset once the player starts moving.
  • Fixed multi-threading crash when using the o_stats console command.
  • The "getting ready to spawn" blue spin effect now disappears immediately upon the Infantry Portal being destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where the Spore cloud would be created improperly when a Lerk was not moving.
  • Fixed bug where connecting to the localhost would cause the game to go into an infinite loop.
  • Fixed bug where Marines would spawn above the Infantry Portal platform.


  • Added "warp" console command to teleport to a position in space when cheats are on, "warp 0 0 0" for example.
  • Improved Skulk wall walking (sticks better to surfaces, thanks matso!)
  • Skulks can now leap from mid-air, ala NS1.
  • The "locate" Client console command will constantly display the local player's location on the screen if "true" is given as a parameter.
  • Added Mine icon for death messages (Thanks Saba!)
  • Reformatted Scoreboard so more player names can fit on the screen at the same time.
  • Server name is now displayed at the top of the Scoreboard.
  • Improved ScenarioHandler (Thanks Matso!)


  • Removed Bile Bomb hit sound when Gorge creates a structure.


  • Optimized network fields in Structure, CloakableMixin, ScriptActor and PowerPoint (thanks Matso!)
  • Reserve memory for faceSets (prevents excessive allocation)
  • Reduced networked bandwidth for Camoflauge by eliminating an unnecessary network field (thanks Matso!)
  • Reduced networked bandwidth for Skulks by eliminating wall walking network variables (thanks Matso!)
  • Optimized Door auto-opening.
  • Reduced number of cells CollisionGrid queries look through.
  • Reduced network bandwidth required to send which fields of an Entity changed (uses indexing scheme when only a few fields changed and a bitmask when many changed)
  • Reduced network bandwidth usage for entities that have energy.
  • Reduced bandwidth for transmitting attachment points for entities by 26 bits.
  • Reduced bandwidth for transmitting angles.
  • Eliminated lastTimePlayerMoved networked field in Player.
  • Mines require less processing time to check for nearby enemies.
  • Reduced bandwidth by 20 bytes per second for each Entity sent to the client.
  • Changed particle effects to only update if they were visible last frame.
  • Slightly more aggressive compiler optimization options.


  • Added Vector:Add method.
  • Added Shared.SortEntitiesByDistance.
  • Removed ProximityGrid.
  • Added sphere query to CollisionGrid.
  • Added EntityQueryManager (fast queries for entities within range, uses CollisionGrid)
  • Exposed EntityQueryManager to Lua, started converting script to use new API.
  • Added support to ObjectTagQueryManager for testing whether entity has a specific tag.
  • Entities get tagged with their class name (and base class names). Tag is prefixed with 'class:'.
  • Added time network variable type.
  • Added "private" network fields which are only sent to the client controlling the Entity.
  • Added support for networking floating point values as fixed point (specified as float ( to by )
  • Added Client.GetServerName() function to return the name of the server the client is connected to.
  • Added Server.GetName() function to return the name of the server.
  • Added Server.GetFrameRate() function to return the current tick rate of the server.
  • Added Mersenne twister Randomizer class to Lua, same API as Lua random functions but better generator.

We hope you enjoy this mega-build with us!


Huge update, looks a lot cleaner, fuller and more complete. Excellent work guys. Looking forward to playing!

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Shotguns less effective against armor?


Right now Fades rape everything. ALiens win 8/10 games, and you buff them, and weaken us.

Such crap.

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hard to believe anyone takes you seriously

anyway. if im on top with money this month, i shall purchase this =D

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

When did stating an opinion which could also be used as potential criticism become trolling? I hate people that are so quick to defend when they think every game made is absolutely perfect and has no flaws.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

this guys trolls on almost everything. he calls a lot of mods crap which are not. a have a friend working on zelda mod, which is looking really good. he he told the guy to stop and trash it. it will never advance. so yeah

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Because your friend said he paid people to make all the content for the mod...PAID...and it looks worse than what a modder would make in 3 weeks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

Ok men. I am the guy. and no the current content was mostly done by me ! Also i also have life and i am an aprrentice which has to work till 5PM in the evening. How in the **** am i supposed to work on the game ???

Right on Weekends and Fridays. So whats the matter !!!

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Hmm, seems alot easier to hit Aliens feels alot smoother. Good job on that.

Just haven't played a game in weeks where Aliens didn't win...I mean even by chance you would think I'd join one on a team about to win, but nope. Always Aliens with fades raping.

Onos aren't that bad, thankfully.

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You'd think that even on paper it would be obvious that a class with the abilities of a Fade would be spammed and overpowered at picking down marines, while other people tear down the bases.

:/ But then again, it's been a while since I've played .. Perhaps i should retry 'n see if it changed even the slightest in that respect.

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It hasn't, I'm afraid, and they can fast-tech to Fades.

We were less than 5 minutes into the round. We just got Shotguns...they had 3 fades already.

Our Shotguns also do LESS damage to them now, HURRAH!

They proceeded to rape us like no tomorrow. Infact I saw 3 fades all warp onto the same spot, where I died, wish I had taken a screenshot, it was perfect.

I unloaded 5 shells directly into a death. He has to swipe at me twice..with full armor, and his attack is much faster, and doesn't require any aim.

It's really frustrating. I can't even see Heavy Armor changing much. Aliens are far to OP right now.

Add onto the fact that they can infest everything, make it theirs and regenerate health WHILE you're fighting them...which Marines can do if they have a good COM, but the COM also has to build the base, repair stuff, alot to do.

Aliens are simply to easy to be. I can rape as an ALien cause I don't have to aim, and if there is any lag, it works to my advantage.

Gorges spit Cysts everywhere and we need to kill them to get rid of the infestation, but they can spit 4-5 in under a's annoying.

Not everything is in the game yet...for Marines or Aliens...but the balance is awful right now.

Jetpacks also serve no purpose, except being cool. All the maps are tight and small. Only one room I ever found where they did any good, and no Aliens ever went there anyways...and try aiming while jet-packing!

Just frustrating ~

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The HMG is ideal counter to fades. Shots are too if properly aimed. It's funny where we just frustrate ourselves talking about balance, when VITAL elemnts still lacks from the beta.

Aliens are ridicusly powerful now, mostly because the res system ( my opinion) but in big games when its 10 v 10, I think rines would do okay when the netcode is on playable level (can aim properly). You can gun fade pretty easily down, but what i have learned I need to be on the right servers. Otherwise i get bad choke and it's almost impossible to aim effectively.

And for the ha part,as you dont seem they have difference, when they can dual wield HMGs, and get welded all the time fighting in narrow corridors protecting phase gates. DAMN, you really need alien teamplay to beat that. Lol

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Oh they better bring back Devour by ONOS as an option it was so freaking awesome :c

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I wish they would. Fun thing, however, the developers have stated, many times as it was asked, that they would not, as it is to hard to balance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Unlikely, they don't want to take players out of the game like that. You can still stun the marines by using Gore currently, but the Onos still need work :)

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i haven't seen any thing to do with cross hairs or iron sights. is this intended and will be in the final game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Because NS2 is a fast paced close quarter combat game there is no need for Iron sights (most of the community detests it as well :P)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I'm one who doesn't. So many times I click my right mouse button and die al ittle inside that all it does is swing the butt of the gun. Totally useless.

Statistic servers from Unknown Worlds show there has been a to total of 9 kills in the years the alpha / beta has been going on with the rifle butt. Needs to be changed!

At least allow me to zoom in, ala CS and the Bullpup. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Actualy it would add more IMMERSION and it would give you a bit of diversity for example when you fire from hips your accuracy / recoil is getting worse a lot quicker than firing from aiming position, and probably in most intense moments most of players can panic and not toggle sights.

Anyway, 3d ironsights are one of the best ways to make it better.

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There is no recoil, and this is done on purpose. Nanomachines, I believe is that they say on the forums?

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Amazing job!

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Unknown Worlds
is it possible after release to buy a Natural Selection 2 via Steam, not through Paypal?

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This, is, wow. Just wow. So incredible.

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I'm REALLY getting a kick out of the first person perspective of the aliens. Brilliant work!

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