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Release Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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When is it coming out?

The current roadmap looks like this:

Demo (out now) ->Break to recover :) -> Public Beta / incremental releases -> Final release

Public Beta?

Think Minecraft. TRW isn't 'done' yet, but I want people to play it asap. So my aim is to release an open beta this spring, and update it on a regular basis. This will start with the demo, which has a limited number of levels and features - I will then gradually make levels available as they're finished.

Please understand that levels and code will be incomplete, buggy, and may have rendering glitches. These will be fixed in due course, but obviously my aim is to let people play this mod.

So no 'full' release for a while then?

For a mod this size, it was a mistake to try and release one epic, 100% complete release overnight,
like we did with Katana (which, suffered a bit from lack of playtesting). It seems like it would be best for everyone if I release the levels as they get finished. TRW doesn't have an original story like Katana so there are no spoilers or pacing to worry about. I also think it'll be cool to have The Matrix evolve and adapt as people play it -- one day you might load up the construct, and find that a new level or area has been added to explore.

Are you abandoning the Episodic format?

Not entirely. Levels will probably be released in the order of the films, so once I've released all the
levels for the first film, I might release that as the first episode for those that just want to play a definitive, complete mod, and not a beta version.

Okay, so what's in the Demo?

Trinity's first level, The Dojo fight with Morpheus, and a Combat Arena to practise your kung fu kills (Can be played as Neo and Trinity). These levels are launched from The Construct. Time permitting, I might add a few extras.

What about that launcher thing I saw?

That will be released at a later date.


- 1 GB install (may increase later)
- A legit copy of Max Payne 1.05
- A pc that can run it. :)
- Sound patch (windows vista / 7)


TRW runs ok on my laptop, but a pc with a decent graphics card is recommended.

Windows 7?

TRW is being developed on Windows 7 - it works fine. You might have to run it in compatibility mode (XP SP3) however. Darkje's sound patch will be bundled with it, however only Max Payne needs to be patched - the sound in TRW is already working.
If you have Windows 8, please let me know if it works. :)

Mac version?

Honestly, I have no idea if it will work on the Mac version of Max Payne. Sorry. :(

Why isn't Morpheus playable?

He will be, but creating playable characters and balanced fighting styles is a harder than it looks. So far I haven't had time to work on this.

How many people are working on this still?

Just myself now. It was made by 7 of the best known modders from the Max Payne community, with contributions from the community.

How long has the mod been in development now?

Depends who you ask. I started working on a matrix mod back in summer of 2002 when I first got Max Payne. Froz started "The Real World" around early 2003. These two mods combined into a single project which has been on and off in development since then.

Why has it taken so long?

Enthusiasm for this mod comes and goes in cycles. I've always had a second project on the go as well -
Katana, Polar Paradise, Mona The Assassin.

How come you hardly ever update Moddb?

As much as I like Moddb, and thankful for this space; posting updates is a hassle on this site. Suffice to say, it's just quicker and easier to post things on Facebook. I will, of course, post announcements on Moddb.


Looking forward to the next demo.

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Sounds good. It's great to know that TRW isn't dead

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I believe in you, the demo gameplay is great, just great already, you deserve to make your own full fledged videogame.

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when :'(

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