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The first news article here for this mod. I think this can go along way with the help of Team Nightmare!

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First of all I want to tell you guys what things you can do to help so, lets get on with it:

Modelers - We really need you skilled people who know how to make nice models for npcs or even just to help in maps.

Skinners - Custom textures in maps are highly needed, such as the orange rocks of Geonosis and other things like that.

Mappers - Me and Matt have an idea to put instant action battles into the game, so you click instant action on the first game menu, choose your map and your right into the middle of a clone wars battle, or maybe even Tuskan hunting...

Others - Think you can help in a way not posted here? Email or PM me!

Now, ideas. We was thinking of adding vehicle npcs to act as bosses in the story and to be pure awesome in instant action maps, we also thought that the player should be able to find some drivable clone vehicles and maybe some droid vehicles... I also thought that if the mod goes well and is released and finished we could work on a multiplayer version that would work sort of like Star Wars battlefront but we will see when the time comes.

Thats all for now, please comment on the mod and support us. Remember PM or email me if you want to help! It would be highly appreciated.

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