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Take a nose at what features the ShadowEdge Physics Engine possesses which the ShadowEdge Physics Engine does not have the capabilities to do.

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Main features in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2:.Enhanced True World Lighting.Multiple Shadows Systems.Real Time Shadows.High Detail Environmental Design.Vast open world capability.Sharper shadow edges.Destructible environment.Geographical Modification System.Light Reflection System.Enhanced Sun raysE.T.W.L allows for a more realistic lighting primarily from sun light, instead of thetraditional Directional lighting system used in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine, Lightbased objects are specifically coded to produce light instead of using an alternativelight source sprite or actor, this means light now comes from the sun itself insteadof coming from a certain direction like in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine.A system designed to cast an object or person with more than one form of shadow, insteadof casting one shadow (Usually the dominant light source cast shadows) now all lightsources allows any object to cast intensely realistic shadows in real time.The way the shadow system in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 is cast, real time shadowallows for object and person to cast realistically produced shadows in real time, justlike from the previous engine, but slightly improved.The environment in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 is much more better designed than inthe previous engine, as the lighting is realistically enough, High Detailed Environmentswill make any ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 Video very realistic.The ShadowEdge Physics Engine one could create small worlds, because of computerissues, these problems have been fixed in the ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2, becauseof the fix, developers can now create huge worlds, even a solar system with planets,that is as big as any video game will ever get.All shadows are more sharper than before, even the smallest objects or thing like anAnt will produce realistic and sharp shadows, even when extrmely small.New feature in the ShadowEdge family is destructible levels, destroy your world aroundyou to create a whole new playground, virtually every solid based object can be destroyedor mis shapen depending on material, object and density, this also includes weight as wellbigger objects will be heavier and harder to push whilst smaller object will be easier.G.M.S is a new feature in the ShadowEdge family, it allows for geographical landscapelike hills, mountains and even the ground to be modified in any form, grass will beflattened realistically when stepped on and will return to it's original over time likein real life, but that depends on the weather which also comes under this system, theweather system can determine how the geographical landscape will react to certain things,Icey conditions will make the ground freeze causing objects to slide depending on actualconditions like in real life, so every feature is produced realistically and in real time.A new feature that allows light sources to reflect their lighting of shiny objects likea mirror or a window or even metal, this gives a true effect and makes the game feelmore like real life.Sun rays were featured in the previous engine, now they have advanced, they create veryrealistic rays like in real life, sun rays are only visible depending on certainenvironmental conditions, a very dusty room will create a sun ray, these kind of conditionscreate a realistic world.The ShadowEdge Physics Engine 2 has features that the ShadowEdge Physics Engine couldnot do, making this a much better engine.

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