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A Demonic and poltergeist activity video which brings a ghostly presence to the Demon Vs Humans mod, and as promised a highlight of whats going on in September 2010.

Posted by gladers on Sep 6th, 2010

A round up of the work in progress for September 2010 and an interesting video from our playtest (shot in one scene), there is a lot more planned for this new demon effect.

Extending last weeks question, what interesting weapons or abilities would you like to see include for version 0.2? Highest rated answers through feedback will get considered, if you have a few ideas then add them on seperate comments so they can be rated.

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xXMaNiAcXx Sep 6 2010, 5:12pm says:

Wiring props to make a trap, when the human passes between the two props they will launch a 3rd prop on the human.

Yeah, sorry for english, but it would be cool :D

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 10 2010, 3:18am replied:

Cool :)

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Dredile Sep 6 2010, 5:53pm says:

Maybe for the humans some sort of way to draw a demonic ritual that keeps the demons away for a short period of time?

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weasle Sep 6 2010, 7:23pm says:

Drediles idea is good, as is maniacs.

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Eron12r Sep 6 2010, 9:19pm says:

Demons can set a trap on the ground that supposedly looks like a dark circle/shadow and when the human steps on that shadow hands will come out of that shadow and grab the humans foot pulling them into the shadow/dark circle, for it to let go you can shoot it but will have very bad accuracy or have a team mate shoot the hands/pull you away from the hands.

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nijbu Sep 6 2010, 9:21pm says:

How bout the ritual is a like an objective on some maps so instead os killing the demons u have to ritual them to kill them?

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nijbu Sep 6 2010, 9:22pm says:

How bout the ritual is a like an objective on some maps so instead os killing the demons u have to ritual them to kill them?

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Spooboy Sep 6 2010, 9:26pm says:

I already suggested some things on the video itself. Sorry for the mix up.

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Dragon-Guard Sep 7 2010, 1:33am says:

i would like to see functionality added to the pet like i already suggested on your previous news post.

Something else that would be pretty nice imo and add a great atmosphere to playing human would be if they hear some kind of inhuman mumbling or demonish chanting when they get closer to a demon (or the demon to them ofcourse) which would get louder the closer the demon gets.

Also for the shadows the demons leave in light.
I know there was something said about still replacing that model bt it would be awesome if you has some kind of smoke effect on the shadows that fogs the shadow up a bit, so it looks like the demon/demons shadow is made out of smoke.

Also a mind black/red smoke effect around an item that is currently being possesed would be awesome.

but those are more suggestions for increasing the ambient and deepening the "your fighting demons" feel.

As for abilities:

drawing a spellcircle/ritualcircel that protects an area and the players in it for X seconds, making it impossible for the demon to enter or attack in.
- The humans can group up and protect themselfs in a temperal "bubble" if outnumbered or cornered, giving them a chance for a comeback
- Blocking of an area, so an sdemon player either gets cut of from the humans and has to wait or look for a longer way around the bubble.

- Should have a "preperation" timer and maybe a use limit or cooldown to avoid instant spam.

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Dragon-Guard Sep 7 2010, 1:46am says:

Different ammo types they can swap between.

Blessed bullets:
hollowtipped bullets filled with holy water, when they hit an item currently possessed by a demon they break his "will" over the item + damage him a bit.
could also be used to stop items from burning/levitating.
Could be used to extinguish burning teammates to, in trade for a minor friendly fire damage because of the bullet.

Demonic bullets:
When the demon is shot with these his demonic power will "overload", giving him a slight power increase for x seconds but making him slightly distort the space around him (he becomes slightly visible, bit like with an alien cloak in aliens vs predators but with a red glow to it to make it a bit better visible and to add to the "demon power frenzy" feel.
So these bullets would have an advantage and a disadvantage on using them, the demon would get a somewhat more powerful BUT you and your human friends can see his spooky *** (more or less)

All these different ammo types should have a very limited amount though, so they dont become spray and pray bullets.

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 7 2010, 7:42am says:

Throwing knife idea. Right mouse button allows you to pick 1 or more targets and left mouse to throw. The knife will then be thrown and curve in flight to hit all of the targets one by one (bit like the Zelda boomerang).

This will be a beta 0.2 feature anayway. Which team should get it, humans or demons?

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Spooboy Sep 7 2010, 9:43pm replied:

In my opinion demons should only have supernatural abilities. They shouldn't be able to physically pick things up, but they can still manipulate the environment. Therefore I think the human class should get the throwing knife, it would be a nice addition.

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Spooboy Sep 7 2010, 9:37pm says:

I just wanted to add that rock-salt bullets would be cool too. They wouldn't kill or harm the demon, but they would disrupt his projection and he would have to re-preoject somewhere else.

And this is just adding onto Dragon's post.

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nietzschesaurus Sep 9 2010, 2:41pm says:

i like what you guys are doing. do i hear a hint of the Saw theme in that song?

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Raneman25 Sep 12 2010, 1:34pm says:

Serverside corpses so demons can do various things to dead people.

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gladers Author
gladers Sep 14 2010, 1:33pm replied:

Any examples of what they should do?

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