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The Call of the Fireflies, a puzzle-based singleplayer mod for Crysis 1.2, has just been released.

Posted by ClemCorwin on Oct 19th, 2010

The Call of the Fireflies is a puzzle-based singleplayer mod for Crysis. There are no guns, explosions or nanosuits involved. Just an old man who follows mysterious fireflies through mountains and dark caves, sleeping villages and frozen woods, and has to use all kinds of mechanisms to open his path, while battling to stay alive in the winter cold.

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Preview Preview

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mckool Oct 20 2010 says:

Wow! All I can say is WOW!!! Very original! I am stuck at one point but I will figure it out. BTW - How did you get the main menu to start with your map when you start a new game? I couldn't find a definitive answer on Crymod. I have a mod that I would like to have work that way but I can't figure out how.

Thanks and great work!!!

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C-zom Oct 21 2010 replied:

I hate to be annoying but I too would love to know how to make a custom main menu. Crymod provided no answers.

Btw, very beautiful mod.

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ClemCorwin Author
ClemCorwin Oct 21 2010 replied:

You've got to edit and recompile the game code to create a custom DLL for your mod to achieve that. There's some information on the Crymod forums, although I don't think there's a proper tutorial for that.

You'll need Visual Studio first. To know how to edit the game code (not particularly the menus though), check out this video:

And to edit the menu itself, I don't remember the exact process but you should look for "island" in the whole code database and find where the default level is defined (cause its name is Island). Replace that with the name of your own level, compile the DLL (for both x64 and x86) and place that in your mod folder under Bin32 and Bin64.

Hope that makes sense, it can be a pain to go through all this if you don't need any other changes done to the code, but that's a nice plus to be able to run your level directly from the menu.

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mckool Oct 21 2010 says:

Awesome! Thanks for the info!

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crispy01 Nov 5 2010 says:

This is probably a stupid question, and i should probably play the mod before i posted this, but has this mod got anything to do with the anime film ''Grave of the Fireflies''?

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ClemCorwin Author
ClemCorwin Nov 5 2010 replied:

Nothing at all, except for the fireflies I guess. :)

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hannibaldinski Nov 6 2010 says:

Very nice. Map design looks awesome!

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[MI]Stalk Nov 6 2010 says:

Moddb is so slow >.>

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Tharapita Nov 10 2010 says:

I now have a reason to re-install Crysis. Awesome.

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weasle Nov 10 2010 says:


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Unstackable_Steaks Nov 16 2010 says:

I'm definitely going to give this a try maxed out. Now this is going to be fun!

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Bluedrake42 Nov 16 2010 says:

hey just wanted to say great mod! just started playing, but I think there's one bug I've already found. maybe its intentional but idk, it goes back to normal whenever I reload a save. Whenever you get "cold" or touch water, the screen goes blurry and stays that way even after you've heated yourself up.

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Bluedrake42 Nov 16 2010 says:

well that was a real pleasant hour or so of my time =) good job mate, that was really nice work, wish it was longer =P

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th3l4st0ne Nov 17 2010 says:

I have an issue: if I approach an heat source the screen gets all blurry until I save, exit and restart the mod. Any idea?

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ClemCorwin Author
ClemCorwin Nov 18 2010 replied:

I believe it's got to do with your settings. Some people reported that changing the value for Motion Blur I think did the trick, like if it's maxed out it won't go away afterwards. I have no idea what creates this bug, I'll look into it when I find the time

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fitzroy_doll Nov 23 2010 replied:

I had this too, but otherwise it was error-free.

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ShadowStreak Nov 19 2010 says:

Is this for crysis only? Or will it be on crysis wars or warhead one day?
Also I have to say this mod is beautiful. Amazing job.

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ClemCorwin Author
ClemCorwin Nov 19 2010 replied:

It's Crysis only for now, I've got a few requests to port to to Warhead, I'll try to find some time to do so. Thanks!

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lillbrorsan Nov 21 2010 says:

Really enjoyed this mod, had no issues except getting stuck at one point, only complaint would be that its too short!

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lando3001 Dec 23 2010 says:

yeah ive got that blur issue also. I tried changing the motion blur settings but no luck. Great idea for the mod too, very calming to play.

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Treble Oct 1 2011 says:

I've installed this and I (think) am on the latest patch (main screen = Each time I try and run the mod it says a reboot's required. Any ideas?

By the way, in case I'm not on the latest patch, I tried both 1.2 and 1.2.1 installs and both gve a windows error. This is a Steam install with Steamapps sitting on my non-system drive (D: not C:). Cheers!

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bobsbarricades Jan 23 2012 says:

so I start the mod through desura - but don't know how to start it. is there a console command to get it going?

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