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Emergency Patch will be coming out soon to fix these bugs.

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EDIT 2: EVERYBODY! I'm terribly sorry about this, but there was another "freezing screen" bug that I found just now (From someone who said they downloaded the patch; it occurred at a different level this time (the last level) ). I updated the patch yet again, and it has to authorize AGAIN. This patch SHOULD fix the "freezing screen" problems!

Again, I am terribly sorry :/

EDIT: The patch is out now!!! I hope it fixed the bugs you guys have been reporting!

Hey guys, Xvideogamer720X here.

A couple of you have been telling me that the mod has been crashing/bugging out. Mostly the "screen freezing" bug, which I know ('least I hope so) where it is occurring and why. But other bugs are like entering the Guest Room and it crashes (that was only reported by one person, however, it can still happen to others, but I hope not).

I decided that I am going to do an "Emergency Patch" to fix these stupid bugs that are causing Players not being able to play. Right now there are only two, but the bug about the "screen freezing" is a major one, as you are missing a CHUNK of the story (the ending itself is what you're missing). So I need to fix that one immediately.

Keep reporting bugs and I'll try my best to fix them.

Thank you!



VERY fun to play, but there are two bugs and one of which I believe you to be un-aware of.
When you are captured and break the door down to escape, you are supposed to find the letter with the key under it before climbing through the hatch. If you do not see the letter a large problem occurs, as you cannot go back.
The other problem is the screen freezing near the end which I hope to see fixed very soon :)

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SonOfLiberty796 Author

Ah, I KNEW, I just KNEW that someone was accidently going to leave the Hidden Prison forgetting to pick up the Sewer key, hence, they cannot continue.

A simple fix: Just remove the key is what I'll do :P

As for the freezing screen... hopefully I have it fixed. I'm almost 100% sure I do.

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