Greetings, members of ModDB. My name is Kenny, and I am currently the sole team member of the Zombie Swarm team. I originally started this project in about 2011 with a good friend of mine, but due to neither one of us knowing the first thing about putting together a source mod, it was doomed to fall apart. I had managed to piece together a few scattered scraps of content, but looking back, they weren't really of sufficient quality. Moving on to the present day, I now have much more experience working with the source engine, but I am still something of a novice. Filled with vigour, energy and ambition, I have since resumed work on my abandoned Zombie Swarm project files. At present, my plan is to replace all of the artistic assets and maps in Alien Swarm with novel ones. Essentially, Zombie Swarm will be a re-skinned version of Alien Swarm, with a couple of new missions.

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1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser
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With the shift from a modern day zombie apocalypse scenario to one based in the 1950s, new car models will be required to populate the outdoors environments. To this end, I have created this approximation of the 1957 Mercury, which was something of an iconic car from the period.

The casual observer may notice a lack of wing-mirrors or windscreen wipers. This is because during the 50s, the roads were far less densely populated and things like wing mirrors were considered something of an optional extra. Windscreen wipers were optimised out due to them not being visible at the distances that the camera was going to be from the model, anyway.

Admittedly, the car looks a little plain here, but that is simply because my 3D model software does not render specularity or other shader sweeps in the realtime view. I promise you that it looks quite a lot better when it's actually in the game.

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