Zombie Panic! is essentially a zombies vs. human survivors mod, with the zombies trying to wipe out the humans, and vice versa. The catch that makes it fun and interesting is that all players except one join the human team at the start of the round, and only one person starts off as a zombie. The zombies respawn when killed, but when a human is killed he respawns as a zombie, and joins in hunting down his former friends.

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Fun, but the game is dead

Good game but better is the ZPS .. :)

its awesome! i loved it :)

awsome game :D just try it :D

It's the best and the first Half-Life 1 mod i ever played right next to brain bread. The first Zombie Panic is better then the source a lot more better. I'm happy people still play the old mods like Zombie Panic. Back then team work was necessary for survival. Nower days there's not much of that in mods or in modern day video games. But anyway the Zombies are a lot more tougher to take down so more players is what will kill the zombie cause back then the zombies had 200 health. I like challenges in a hard game and mod to keep me going and not just take a break. This game is for people who enjoy horror and survival horror and Zombies. If you like zombies and survival horror and multiplayer this is the mod for you.


This game amaze me.

really love this mod

but no one play with me :(



awesome mod

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