Zombie escape is a short half-life 2(episode 2) modification, where you play small maps such as: aperture, snowy bunker, factory and other different maps.

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ajar says

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good one. nice idea but too short. I hope this is just a beginning of something larger.

I love fighting zombies on Half Life 2 and this was just what I was looking for. Great gameplay!

I thought it was well built, And you can really see the effort put into this, It was awesome the new textures the zombie killing ball thingy idk what to call it but it was something new and it was awesome,
Good Job. xD

sorry it was too short and some stuff looked kinda silly

I had more fun then I thought I would when I jumped into this mod.

It could have been much better if it was longer, but I liked the effort that was put into making this. :)

Great mod, just too short.
Has potential to be much better than the current form.


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