Through time and space the Soviet war machine is back, this time ready to finally conquer the free peoples of Allied Europe and then... the world.

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Red Alert ***: The Second Coming?

Red Resurrection, like many Yuri's Revenge mods out there, aims to add more units and diversify the Red Alert skirmish experience. However, unlike most Yuri's Revenge mods, the designer hasn't overboard with the number of units, super-weapons, factions or structures involved, creating a balanced mod that boasts unique and most importantly UNIFORM units. The custom vehicles and infantry fit in well with each other and the pre-existing Westwood art. The infantry have also been reduced in size which gives a better sense of scale when compared to tanks and buildings.

Most units also boast new sound files and the game has new music tracks which are always refreshing to hear, although some units for now are silent which is a little bit disappointing. Red Resurrection's factions have also been reduced from three to two with the removal of Yuri, so the game play is closer to the traditional Red Alert style which many players will appreciate.

On this note too, the USA has also been removed, making the countries more recognizable to Red Alert 1 fans, this is however purely for the sake of lore, the mod lacking any campaign. The use of the Ares expansion has also allowed for the addition of new features such as airstrikes among other nifty things which the player will discover as they go. However the author has missed the opportunity to really expand with the Ares engine which is a little disappointing.

New maps have also been created, most featuring an arena/tournament style layout which creates balanced, but sometimes predictable game-play. The AI has also received a boost, but on brutal should not be a MASSIVE challenge for the experienced player.

To break things down, if you enjoyed Red Alert 2 skirmish, you will enjoy this mod. It is a simple but elegant re-imagining of a familiar universe but there is the feeling of wanting a little bit more.

Of course only following it from somewhere in 1.5 closed Beta. so far it has great promise.
A definitly good possible continuation of what could've happened after the Allied victory of YR, while still keeping to some of the tech of the original and also expanding techs on both sides.
It's not really a bad thing to leave the Yuri faction out of a YR mod, especially since you keep some of his tech in the Soviets, where he started.
I enjoy streaming this as it's a different approach to modding this classic game.

9/10 because it resurrects RA2 differently with some new units, new graphics, solo mode(sandbox), and many more and that's because of Ares.
This mod sadly has less new units, but obviously, its before the events of Yuri's Revenge, so no new technologies. But this mod is so awesome! Two Thumbs Up!


To start off, the first thing I have noticed from Red Resurrection is that it manages to keep the old highly fast-paced gameplay from RA2 while maintaining a strong sense of balance. Aesthetically the mod feels nostalgic for the fans of the original RA2(including me) and the new units and features doesn't break the charm the original RA2 once had. The gameplay is ~GOOOOOOD~.

The lack of diversity between countries is one point that people may brag about, but I think it's a fine way to stay between the points of the RA2-style subfactions and the ZH-Style ones without leaning on to either side. But Russia stands out from all other countries for its one particularly unique feature. I hope that in the future, the mod would have more countries for us to play with.

Voxels of units look fairly odd, a lot of units lack any lighting or shading, especially noticeable in the stolen tech unit Stalin's Fist(it's large cannon looks like a piece of a cylinder shaped black cotton because it and the entire unit doesn't seem to be reflecing light). I hope these odd voxels will be fixed in the future. I currently am not sure if the voxels are still in development or an actual design choice. If it is a design choice, it's a choice that I do not regard highly of. Also during gameplay, there are some graphical issues here and there but I assure they wont distract you from your game.

In my final verdict, the mod itself so far has a lot of potential and it is in beta phase, which means the best stuff is yet to come. The mod is highly replayable, loads of fun despite the graphical hiccups and it captures the essence of vanilla RA2 like no other. So I only wish for the best in the future to this mod.

The gameplay within this mod is while somehow feels faster and more aggressive than the usual RA2 pace, it still doesn't give you any reason to consider a unit useless. Keeping a noticably low unit-roster, this isn't much of a surprise tho.

Still, where other mods fail, Red Resurrection wins... the balance. I don't know of any other mod which is as finely tuned in terms of balance as this. It's certainly better than any of the Mental Omegas.

The removal of Yuri is well justified, and the technologies it had are well-recycled. I'm more than certain, Red Resurrection is the Almost Perfect Red Alert 2 out here.

no matter what version i install, it refuses to launch. not even the $%^ launcher will show up.


A Perfect blend of both YR and RA2 game-play.


good game

Its ressurection time!

Mental Omega Ripoff ...sort no campaign.....7/10 is resonable

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