You're a man named Danny, who just recently woke up from a coma. You don't know what's going on or what has happened, nor do you know how you got into a coma in the first place. Your best friend, Dennis, has visited you a couple of times while you were in the coma. He has left you a letter, trying to help you memorize what has happened. However... you get this strange sense that something has happened to him. You also have a strange feeling that something is watching and controlling your every move... What can all these senses mean? Not only that... but the home you live in... is cursed.

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In your first custom story this was really great and entertaining. One of the most where player talks much and think a lot before you can act.

Really great mapping, lighting was okay maybe some improvements for dark room parts.

Scares was okay, nothing original but enjoyable and creepy, scenes back and forth was my favourite thing in this story, you really success that part if you do something previous room and go back, you'll get surprised and something is not right this was good thing.

I'll give 8/10 Good job man!


This mod was SO AMAZING!!!!! The story was very interesting, the atmosphere was very professional and scary, the scares were scary, but not any huge jump-scares. (I liked that you didn't add any huge jumpscares)

This custom story was probably one of the best custom stories I have ever played! (PS: I have played a lot of custom stories...)

Well done!


Arisztid says

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There is very little I can say about this, the level design was pretty simple, scripting usually consisting of finding keys and opening locked doors, which is nothing new. Story was average. At the end, I got bugged in Sewers and even after applying the patch and using one of your saves, I got frozen on the spot, unable to move. After watching some walkthroughs on Youtube, many players ended up the same way. Before releasing make sure your game actually works! So…not much remains to be said... ‘Goodbye world’!



Not much to it, really. Looks fine, I guess, it's just that I've seen everything so many times before. Nothing but key quests (yes, crowbars and lockpicks are also key quests). Maps are too small, and the whole thing feels short. Way too many monster scares and chases, with no real time to build an atmosphere. It also has the "tinderboxes are useless" syndrome. I light up three large ceiling lanterns in a modestly sized room, and the light still does not even reach the walls? This problem is in nearly every single custom story, but it really stood out in this one. Why is it even a full conversion, when it plays exactly like a regular custom story?


Humeba says

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Awesome mod. I really like the twist at the end.

I loved the ironic ending hehe

This one is great.


Loirinha says

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