Fight as an alien grunt through the great levels of Black Mesa, Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus Xen training...

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A very nice mod that puts you in the shoes of an Alien grunt as he and his friends assault black mesa!
You use the hornet gun and a melee attack throughout and you regain health and armor by consuming fallen enemies, bot parasitic aliens and humans such as grunts or security guards. It's very different and it works surprisingly well, forcing the player to be very aggressive when assaulting the enemy instead of falling back for supplies.

It's quite short, and many of the levels have been ripped from the Half-life Chronicles, however, this mod should not be overlooked for it's main character, combat and game-play. :)

hmm it is not bad

not bad shortmode connected with half-life storyline
i like scene of "COUNTER-ATTACK" chapter, when we with other agrunt get fight againts humans. will be nice if we are playing in cooperate with another agrunts at more time, not just in first scene. its look like one man army of xen start counter-attack against bm. eat dead humans for regaing health and armor is good. nice sound and other effects for get filling us in agrunt role. like predator style there is glowing on npcs. green for human life form and red for xens.

I liked this one. It could have been a bit longer though. :(

too short but playing as a alien grunt was another thing i wanted to do

Xen-Warrior is another "POV" mod, this time putting you in the shoes of Alien Grunt - Warrior 1865, who is tasked to help Xen creatures fight the human enemies in Black Mesa Research Facility after the Resonance Cascade. The mod does not interfere with the originals, so it creates a nice fan-canon. The mod lets you revisit already seen areas from the originals as well as access a few new ones! Sadly, the mod is way too short, so you won't be visiting alot of those, as you can complete the mod in just around 30 minutes, if you spend your time exploring. Xen-Warrior also has a few bugs, but it shouldn't be a problem for the most part.



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Throughout Half-Life, You have played as Gordon, You've played as Shephard, You have played as Barney, And you've played as various people escaping from Black Mesa... Now you play as another alien.

Xen-Warrior has you playing as a Alien Grunt who has been just teleported to earth to wreck havoc on Black Mesa while keeping yourself safe from hostile humans (like in Point Of VieW)

The mod takes place at the same time as Half-Life:Chronicles, and Half-Life:ETF while providing some new areas.

However, There are two serious flaws that prevent this from being a ten:
Xen-Warrior has a tendency to crash if you save while the "Melee Hivehand" weapon is selected and sometimes you can get stuck in the map if you are not away from walls or object.. None the less, This mod gives you a new POV to explore.

Not a bad mod at all. Very nice to see things from the imagined perspective of an alien grunt.

there were some trial, and errors that even i would see and fixed.
Many times tested to other peoples liking, and expect the known expected; "objectives" you did, in the making of this map.

wow cool

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