Тотальная конверсия игры GeneralsZH с упором на мультиплеерные баталии в стиле Второй мировой. Total conversion GeneralsZH games with a focus on multiplayer battles in the style of the Second World War.

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zeta29 says

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The game is not balanced, at all, infantry can kill tanks like they're not even a threat, flamethrower tanks can kill other freaking tanks, fighters who cannot attack ground units, HEAVY MATILDA TANKS RUNNING AT THE SAME SPEED AS SHERMAN TANKS (I know they're medium, but they're suppose to be slow as crap)

Same problem with newly created content in that the buildings are horrendously over-sized and the map sizes are very limited, artillery aren't working as intended (Using Missiles instead of regular artillery for some artillery)

Cannot get units fast enough and everything needs promotion and by the time we can get good things it's too late.

Great Mod! Can't wait for version 2.3

idk what to do, I do everything right but I get an error every time I run the game, so....can't rate a game which I can't play at all lol


Just wow!Hope this mod get translated to english.



This is the greatest mod here in mod db! it take the blitz 2 back to life

Good Work, Beautifull Maps, And Hard Ai

If not all great, but I like it.


Kalga says

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Very good. Ai actually works (and is difficult as hell, but that's a good thing)

Looks amazing.

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