Wonderful Life is a short and experimental art game designed by Thomas Papa, currently graduating from the Utrecht School of Arts (the Netherlands). It is a game about the goal oriented society we live in, a society that only wants more and more, and forgets to stop and smell the roses. A society that doesn't recognize, understand or appreciate what we have right now; that what surrounds us. You play a character that weightlessly floats through a system of tubes. You look at the world down below, the present. You look ahead into the distance, the future, and navigate your way forward. Like a work of art, it's about the emotions and associations of the player. The game is more about the entire experience rather than a set game goal. It experiments with narrative, aesthetics and symbolism. It will feature hand drawn game objects and generative music. Wonderful Life is a Total Conversion Mod (TC MOD) using the Unreal 3 Engine.

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