With the mod are the weapons of STALKER SOC improved. Improved Genuaigkeit particularly weapons of AK46, ak47u, MP5, G36, ETC BM16 Opponents are stronger. among them are zombies, dogs, etc. stalker more ammunition at 20 Stat purchase bulletproof now 40. Prices for weapons have been reduced and some increased. increased for ak74 have fallen for MP5, ak47U muniton more in the gun for ak74, G36, AK47U Strength of arms erhöhert ak74, AK47U, Desertiegel, MP5, BM16, G36, etc. Opponents may continue to see. Gegern with certain weapons can be further targeted and shit. The security taken by the opponents and the player has been erhöhert. THE lives of gegener are a precaution before gesteigen Poltergeist they are now much stronger. Dogs can continue to see their atack and are stronger. HEADSHOT come when targeted by 50% before the Public.

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