This mod is in progress, but it will feature 14 completely new civilizations drawn from Middle Earth. Angmar, Arnor, Dwarves, Goblins, Gondor, Harad, Isengard, Lindon, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Mordor, Númenóreans, Rhûn, and Rohan

It will also feature everything related to these civilizations, including: Homecities, technologies, units, buildings and much more. This mod will feature new maps and natives from Middle Earth. Stay tuned for updates.

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In the original AoE3 civilizations were classified into civsets (or cultures) which have shared units, buildings, technologies, and gameplay. In WoME they are classified into races. This is a guide to explain the different races. There are 4 different races. The Elves, Dwarves, Men, and Orcs. They all have their own set of unique properties. I wrote this so you can get familiar with the races.

race elves

  • Realms: Lindon, Lothlórien, Mirkwood
  • Scout: Elven Sentry, a ranged stealthy scout.
  • Aging: They age through politicians. Each colonial politician costs a different resource and once you age with one, all future politicians will cost the same resource.
  • Gatherer: The Elven Gatherer. Builds and gathers resources. Has a ranged resistance.
  • Unit Upgrades: The Elves upgrade their units individually at the building from where they are made.
  • Market Upgrades: Elves have Market technologies that cost all three resources.
  • Late Game Resources: The Elves can gather both food and coin infinitely from Gardens.
  • Livestock: The Elven herdables are Apple Trees which can be trained from Gardens.
  • Bonuses:
  • All Elven units auto heal over time.
  • Have the Forge, a unique building has several technologies that improve units.
  • Can Build the Library, which can ally with native civilizations to research their technologies.
  • Units have a strong base attack and weak multipliers against other units.

race Dwarves

  • Realms: Erebor (Ered Luin, Iron Hills, and Khazad-dûm will be included in later versions)
  • Scout: Dwarf Explorer. A slow, strong melee scout that can reveal parts the map for a while.
  • Aging: They age by constructing buildings.
  • Gatherer: The Dwarven Settler. Builds and gathers resources. Moves slower and costs some coin.
  • Unit Upgrades: They have two upgrades available for each unit. One upgrade improves the unit more but also costs more, the other upgrade they have is cheaper and improves less.
  • Market Upgrades: Dwarven Market technologies improve the gathering rates of two resources.
  • Late Game Resources: The Dwarves have three buildings. One for food, coin and stone. The Storage Chamber, the Armoury, and the Masonry respectively. They spawn resource crates and can be gathered from.
  • Livestock: They can buy herdables using coin at the Market.
  • Bonuses:
  • Have a unique resource, Stone. Can be gathered from from the Masonry, Stone Mines, and from Crates of Stone.
  • Buildings are built with Stone, they take longer to construct and have more hitpoints.
  • Instead of a Town Center, they have a Dwarven Hall which doubles as a Fort.
  • Units have a stronger base attack and weaker multipliers against other units. Units are also slower, have less LOS but have more resistance and hitpoints.

race men

  • Realms: Arnor, Gondor, Harad, Númenor, Rhûn, Rohan
  • Scout: They have the Scout. Ranged infantry.
  • Aging: They age through politicians, which give buildings, resources, or units.
  • Gatherer: The Villager. Builds and gathers resources.
  • Unit Upgrades: Men have the Blacksmith, which upgrades basic unit types at the same time.
  • Market Upgrades: Their Market technologies cost two different resources and upgrade one.
  • Late Game Resources: Men can gather food and coin finitely from Farm Crops and Rock Quarries respectively.
  • Livestock: Farms can train herdables. Men have several different types of livestock.
  • Bonuses:
  • Blacksmiths offer some extra technologies to improve units.
  • Can Build the Inn (Tavern for Harad and Rhûn), which can train and upgrade Mercenaries.
  • Units have a normal base attack and multipliers against other units.

race orcs

  • Realms: Angmar, Goblins, Isengard*, Mordor
  • Scout: Orc Tracker. Weak melee infantry that is good against other scouts. Gathers less from treasures.
  • Aging: They age through politicians at buildings, which give buildings, resources, or units.
  • Gatherer: The Snaga. Builds and gathers resources. Has few hitpoints but has more attack.
  • Unit Upgrades: Units are upgraded at the building where they are made from and have more upgrades.
  • Market Upgrades: Market technologies cost the same resource it improves the gathering rate for.
  • Late Game Resources: Orcs have the Food Industry and Coin Industry which autogather a small amount of food and coin respectively. Snaga can gather slowly from them.
  • Livestock: Snaga Double as herdables. Military units gather from Snaga.
  • Bonuses:
  • Units are built by buildings instead of trained.
  • Can Build the Orc Camp which can train special orc units, mercenaries, and natives.
  • Units have a weak base attack and high multipliers against other units. Units also are weaker but cost less and are made faster.

I will explain each race separately even more in near future. If you have any questions please ask them.

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

3 months ago News 27 comments

Hello everybody! I know that I have not updated much in this summer...

Mordor Game Play

Mordor Game Play

5 months ago News 5 comments

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. Enjoy a new video.

The Haradrim

The Haradrim

10 months ago News 5 comments

A gameplay of the Haradrim. On the map, Forests of Far Harad.

New Year And A New Map

New Year And A New Map

10 months ago News 2 comments

Happy New Year! Here is a small update to satisfy your needs.

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Guest Nov 22 2015 says:

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LeriWeill Nov 21 2015 says:

Maaaan I havn't played AoE III for AGES (hahaha) but this mod could make me change my mind ! This looks awesome :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ramesh17 Oct 21 2015 says:

So this mod is not yet released?

+1 vote     reply to comment
checanos Creator
checanos Oct 21 2015 replied:

Sorry it isn't. Its still in progress.

+1 vote   reply to comment
BalkanLuka Oct 16 2015 says:

I just want to say how awesome looking the vilager icon for the elves is, no , im wrong, every icon is great in your mod and thats one of the best things-visual apeal, so i hope you continue with this cool mod, also nice choice for the game soundtrack every song fits, well chosen and thumbs up for it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
checanos Creator
checanos Oct 20 2015 replied:

Thanks. It means a lot to me. I really try to make good quality and easy to recognize icons and portraits because they are as (if not more) important than textures because you see icons constantly when playing and they help distinguish units. Having said that, I plan to remake the elven gatherer icon since it isn't to my standard and I think it need to be made better :p But thanks anyways.

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Guest Oct 12 2015 says:

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HoarmurathTyrell Oct 13 2015 replied:

I guess they will just cost more, thats how the elves work in most of the games

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capomaster Sep 8 2015 says:

i wish there was a mod like this of game of thrones :(

+4 votes     reply to comment
kmogon Sep 23 2015 replied:

I think that better games for it are battle for middle earth 2 or grand ages: medieval, because you can hold big armies with many soldiers and There are heros's system but nobody is interested in :(

Sry for English

+1 vote     reply to comment
checanos Creator
checanos Sep 22 2015 replied:

Me too, me too. Who knows, maybe someday soemone will make one.

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