Warhammer 40k: Red alert is an exciting Total Conversion for Red alert 2/Yuri's Revenge. All the sounds, graphics, and maps of the original Red alert 2/Yuri's Revenge are changed to the Warhammer 40k universe. The current playable sides are Imperial Guard, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. Each side is distinct and has unique units and superweapons. You can find out more about the Warhammer 40k Universe at Will you lead the forces of the Imperium to vanquish their nemesis, or will the marshal the immense hordes of Chaos to eliminate the False Emperor? *Final Update (02AUG07) - Final release, no longer supported. - Thanks for years of downloading, playing, and leaving feedback. - Special thanks to Mark (Vis), Coen (Reb), Lt. Zack, and Major_Gilbear

Final Release

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Our last release the version 1.8 will be the final release of Warhammer 40k: Red alert. It has been obvious for a year and half now but I decided...

Server Move

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I've just purchased hosting on a brand new server, and it rocks something serious. Anyway, that means some of the download links for the mod might...

Link for Version 1.8 of "Warhammer 40k: Red alert"!

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Just a quick announcement: The last publicly released version of the Warhammer 40k: Red alert mod for RA2YR is now available for download. To download...

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