This map attempts to answer the question: What if Blizzard develops Warcraft 4 to be a more traditional RTS? The result is fast-paced gameplay with heroes taking a less important role and brute force being emphasized over magic. A fully functional navy has been implemented and the custom effects and models have maintained Blizzard-like quality. Also, units feel more deadly and less cartoonish/feminine, as many models have been replaced with more badass counterparts. Two new gameplay systems have been added: one for the Undead and Orcs and one for the Humans and Night Elves. These new units and abilities are accessed through the worker units' advanced build button, or in the case of the Night Elves, by training a Blood Elf engineer.

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this mod or rather say expansion pack is very good the new models and units are far greater then any athor mod this mod is simply perfect

SO sad that it has no updates since for 2 years now, but deserves a 10 because of the ideas that were used in it.


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