This mod is a bit like grand theft auto vice 3,vice city and san andreas but a hl2 mod. It a first person game. In the beta verson its the old weopen models and the same playermodels but we work on som new models. so the beta verson is not realy nice. We hope we can reales the ful verson befor 2006. in the ful verson game it will be a singelplayer game to. the map in the beta verson is a caind of small, but in the end al maps gona be realy big. so this will be a game that you need a good computer to play :). Hear is some info about the mod: The realesed beta verson: Game: Multiplayer Game type: First person Size: 38mb Maps: wb_first_city Next reales: Game: Multiplayer (Mayby a singelplayer beta) Game type: Firstperson Size: Unknown Maps: wb_first_city (but bigger) if you want somthinhg you can mail me on: // Vem sa bejs crew

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Jul 15th, 2012

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