Vietnam Glory Obscured is a total conversion for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that simulates jungle warfare during the Vietnam War with unique gameplay elements such as village occupation and reputation, jungle combat and modular construction.

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Jungles, blood, sweat, heat - Vietnam! The war that brings you back for more!

The Gameplay is very Good and some maps look realy realistic.
For me is it the best C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod!

This mod is like shooting fish in a barrel and by barrel I mean a forested area with villages and constant gunfire and flames and screams of the damned with landmines and traps every step you take and by Fish I mean billions of VC always on the move of every nerve wrecking momment you get while they insure you that your last meal is a chest full of led and a nice hot fiery cup of burning souls
so yea fish in a barrel

Don't care if i havent played this mod but as ive seen the photos it was awesome 'nam FTW!

the best mod 4ever

Very good mod and worth getting although some problems with lag on big maps.

Really realistic and awesome mod!

awsome infantry game. loved the different game tactics

This mod is awesome! I recommend it if you like Vietnam war things and zero hour.

great mod

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