Verloren Eiland lies off the Dutch coast, shrouded in mystery and difficult to get to due to the turbulent waters, churning around hidden teeth of stone. The island was a paradise, beautiful forests, elegant rivers, spectacular sunsets, all was well. Until, They came.

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Dev blog now available

News 2 comments

You probably already know, we don't post much news on the mod page unless its big and relevant (besides, I'm not great with making these news posts anyway...

New Sounds and Original Music

News 3 comments

Treating the subject of my arrival! New sounds and original music to be featured in "Verloren - De Ontwakening".

New position for voice acting


Hi all, I know its been a long while since another news post was organized but this one is here to remind you that we are still marching on, bit by bit...

Progress Report #2

News 3 comments

Yes, its that time again when we display how far we have got up to in our project so far, well, not that far, but far enough to give you lovely people...

Voice Acting

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Als je wilt te stem acteren voor ons, dan zal de demo eerder uitkomen, en ons erg blij maken.

Concept Art

Concept Art


we are developing the maps more and more (Finally I know :D) thanks to the help of some rough concept art we created earlier

Progress Report

News 8 comments

A small update on the current progress of Verloren.


News 4 comments

This is the first view which you can see of a mod on which we have been working on, a lot of thought and development has gone into the concept and story...

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