Transforms Diablo 2 into the place of old Norse mythology, the land of Valhalla.

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May 14th, 2012
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Transforms Diablo 2 into the place of old Norse mythology, the land of Valhalla.

How to install:
1) Back up your current files by either by putting them in a new folder or changing the name of them.
2) Put all the files in this zip file into your main Diablo 2 directory.
3) Run the game!

See readme for full changelog

~~v5.0 changes~~
- Changed Cave Level 1 name
- Increased raven damage and amount allowed
- Increased spirit wolf damage
- Fixed nonworking barbarian skills
- Increased barbarian skill damage
- Changed Duriels drops
- Class specific amulets now droppable
- Balanced stone + jewel recipes
- Slightly lowered the cost of class ammys
- Changed arcane sanctuary
- Changed Lut Gholein
- Changed Duriels lair
- Increased magic/rare modifier stats and added new higher level modifiers
- Slightly weakened mercs
- Fixed nonworking runewords
- New set and unique items created by DJ Hydra
**v5.01 fixes:
- Fixed switched barbarian skills
- Fixed Necromancer skills
- Fixed unnamed strings
- Fixed modifier caps
- Fixed torch name
- Fixed Tower crash
- Fixed stone of purity details
**v5.02 fixes:
- Fixed new Tower crash
**v5.03 fixes:
- Unique class amulets able to be created using recipe
- Fixed Thor's Power name~~v4.5 changes (r1,r2 & r3)~~
- Updated Plugy to 4.03
- Decreased drop rate for flags slightly
- Removed the possibility of runewords in sets
- Updated ALL new sets to have better stats
- Fixed Valhalla runes upgrade recipes
- Added 1 new runeword
- Fixed several skills that were not working previously. (e.g. Holy freeze, Lower resist, etc)
- Added torches to the drop rates
- Adjusted diablo clone resists and damage in all diff
- Fixed Baal's hit points in Nightmare and Hell
- Very slight increase of brains/jaws
- Several cube recipes with MRS and/or jewels changed
- Fixed Thor's Power recipes to allow any combonation
- Added special recipe to jump from rune 33 (ZOD) to rune 34 (GIL). (see recipes above)
- Added new secret leveling area (no... not cows).. Be warned, do not go there too early.~~Known Bugs/Problems~~
-Caps regarding dmg, def, etc
-Barbs stamina is still de-activated
-A few minor skill issues
-vit/str/enr/dex%/lvl stat on anything does not work
-The cube recipes found below
The following recipes DO NOT work or have been disabled.
MRS + Stone of Protection = -5% to enemy cold resistance, +1 to level req
MRS + Stone of Skill = -5% to enemy fire resistance, +1 to level req
MRS + Stone of Damage = -5% to enemy lightning resistance, +1 to level req
MRS + Stone of Damage Immunity = -5% to enemy poison resistance, +1 to level req
MRS + Stone of Purity = 2% Extra Magic Damage, +1 to level req
~~v4.2 changes~~
- More changed monster animations
- Necro curses and other skills on other characters fixed
- Updated unlimited stash
- Slightly increased drop rate of jaw and brain
- Hireling skills more powerful
- Act5 hirelings now have a chance to turn into a wearwolf or wearbear
- Increased monster level, hp, and dmg in hell
- Decreased diablo clone experience given in normal
- Decreased diablo clone level and damage in all diff
- Increased bovine dmg and hp, decreased level; all diff
- Reduced number of magic diablo clones that appear
- Recipe created to make stones
- Fixed Duriel drop
- Created recipes to create organs with other organs
- Gambling uniques, sets, and elites increased
- Elites now droppable
- Druid's skills enhanced
- Eliminated monsters being fire enchanted in hell
- Created unique Thor's suwayyah
- Monsters in norm given nm monster resistances, nm monsters given
hell monster resistances, and hell monster resistances doubled
- Intro music changed
- Reduced damage done by lightning spires
- Added +1 to barb skills on amethyst
- Created recipes to make marbles with other marbles
- Fixed barbarian increase stamina skill
- 2 unique arrows and 2 unique bolts made
~~v4.1 changes~~
- Decreased experience
- Increased chance to hit monsters
- Virtually unlimited stash space
- Rings and amulets able to have color
- NM and hell monsters harder
- Perf gems sold in all acts for nm and hell
- New item made to change items into uniques
- Jaws and brains now able to drop
- Jaws and brains no longer sold from vendors
- New gems no longer sold in A5
- Act 5 changed
- A few monster animations changed
- Stone gems level requirements lowered
- Stone gem cube recipes added
- Old runewords from 2.1 added
- Rejuv potion prices increased
- All armor names changed
- Act 3 changed
- Bovine population increased
- NPC selling prices increased
- Barbarian synergies reworked
- Exceptional belt socket bug fixed
- Minimum damage on bows increased
- More than one of the same unique can spawn per game
- 10 new sets added, including old ones from v2.1
- 4 new unique charms added
~~v4.0 changes~~
- New set item names no longer "an evil force"
- New unique berserker axe now has a name
- Xydra Bow renamed to "Odin's Bow" and damage increased
- Constricting ring and Azurewrath enabled
- No more cow level crashes
- Monsters harder in nm and hell
- Easier leveling in nm and hell
- Better itemdrops from monsters in nm and hell (armor, weapons, etc.)
- Act4 changed
- Amazon elemental skill damage increased
- Meteor radius set to 7 and won't increase per level
- Changed inventory, stash, and cube background texture
- Increased size of inventory
- Decreased resistance property on skull
- Changed +requirements prop on stone + jewels recipe to -replenish life
- 2 new monster animations
- 800x600 border changed
- Monster chance to block decreased
- Monster defense reduced
- Diablo clones placed in Cave Level 1 (beware)
- New loading screen
- Claw viper temple level 2 changed
- Act1 caves changed
- 2 Valkyries allowed
- Druid, assassin, and necro skills increased
- Sorc frozen orb damage increased
- 2 golems allowed
- Organs given more recipes to addon with other items
- Arrows and bolts able to have more and better properties
- More color to magical and rare items
- Descriptions added to stones and organs
- Gambling costs decreased (fixes negative gambling bug at high levels)
- Added level requirement additions to some MRS recipes
- Added old set of runes from v2.1
- Runes given better chance to drop
- New recipe to make items ethereal
- New title screen
- Gemwords added for armor up to 6 sockets, belts, boots, and gloves
- Bigger catacombs level 4
- Mercenaries able to be given more items
- New sorceress set
~~v3.6 changes~~
- New marble items that work as charms but also in cube recipes
- Gem + marble stone recipes added
- Gem prices increased
- Increased potion healing
- A few new monster animation replacements
- Monster block and HP increased in NM and Hell
- Spider caves map changed
- Cow level changed a bit
- New orb items added
- Cube only takes up 1 space
- Lowered minion of destruction life and damage in normal
- Orbs given properties to make them useful other than for recipes
- Fixed paladin skills
- Perfect amethysts given ED% back instead of barb skill
- Charms finally able to be socketed
- Monsters able to drop higher level items
- Recipe to remove gems from sockets changed
- 3 new sets: 1 barb, 1 zon, 1 a1 merc
- Berserk required level and max level fixed
- Golem life changed and fixed
- New stones created for recipes
- Xydra Bow stats decreased
- New unique berserker axe created
- Sorc starts with only 1 cube

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Valhalla 5.03
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