Victor Ryland, the head priest of the local church, is on his way home after a particularly tiring day. Hearing cries of anguish in the distance, he rushes to see what is happening. When he arrives at the crossroads, he finds nothing but a pool of blood. Hearing a noise, he spins around, only to see talons lash out at him. The power of the blow causes him to crumple to the ground. As the world darkens around him, he can hear the sounds of battle as his kinsmen battle against this unknown adversary.

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Awesome stuff. I really love the non-linear portion. The only issue I have with that is the optional paths need to be a lot longer. Not only will this enhance the feeling of choosing your own path, but it allows the user to play the mod several times over and be happy to do so.

The multiple endings really added to it, as well.

I'm really happy to see someone show this kind of creativity in these mods. If you ever plan to make another map, please abuse the crap out of the alternative paths, to the point where it feels like you can play the custom story over and over again without repetition.

Excellent work.


StevenTasiopulos says

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This is the only problem that i have with the CS.The story was complicated illogical and made up while you wre making it kinda deal.Didn't understand much.

Normal key puzzles only i think but i forgot about them with your creativity and attention to detail with this mod.

It was really creepy and scary at some points!Good job.

|Level Design|:
The level design was quite good.Didnt' copy much and i love the town map.For being a first CS that was really good.


Yes it scared me i could say and the first encounter with the monster got me jumping.

Multiple ending but because i didn't understand the story that much it didn't work for me.

It was really fun!

|Voice Acting|:
Didn't have any so i won't count this in the review.

Was quite long actually and the big maps made it feel even longer.

For a first attemp, this custom story is quite good.

The story, if not excellent or original, it is well crafted.

Some maps are dramatically huge, it take time to get used. And there are a couple of places that seems to not be used for anything.

The are almost no jumpscares, and thats good...but also, there no scares at all.
Amnesia is a game made to use psychological and visceral Horror. So the scares needs to be elaborated properly.

The atmosphere have its moments. There are good events and scenes, but then the tension almost dissapeard completely. This hinders the fear factor of the mod, so it needs to be rebuilded.

The multiple path is an excellent idea and the multiple ending make it really enjoyable and bring a lot of replayability.

In conclusion, this mod is unique in the design. It have plenty of good ideas. The maps maybe are not the best, but this is balanced with the great concept behind. And for a first entry, it is a success.

I hope the developer continue on bringing good quality custom stories, with more enphasis in the details. If this things are clear, then we can expect great achievements in Amnesia Custom Stories from this developer


DevanMist says

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I didn't get very far in this story, and that is what is greatly affecting the rating I'm giving it. It started out great, there were little secret areas and it seemed like the story was going to be pretty unique. About 5-10 minutes in, I started to lose track of what I was supposed to be doing, in the village I just kept wandering around clicking on literally everything I could trying to get something to happen until I eventually fell out of the map, at which point I stopped playing. In my opinion, the story line should tell you where to go, and getting there should be the challenge, not trying to figure out where you are supposed to go. Puzzles and a little confusion are okay, and what make the game fun, but when you get completely lost and continue to circle around in the same area a bunch, it really takes a toll on the environment and the game play. You start noticing all of the graphical flaws like textures improperly lining up, etc.

This was just my experience with the game, I'm sure others have played through it normally and think a lot higher of it, as it does have a pretty good rating. I say play it for yourself and see how it goes for you.


GoodGamePlayer says

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An excellent and very decent custom story. Great mapping combined with some original puzzles. My advice says don't touch the angel, otherwise you'll be p*ssed. :D


Humeba says

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Very nice. I thought the monster locked in the cell was great but it was even better when he was gone when I came back up the ladder. I kept expecting him to come after me. I like the good/bad endings. I love how certain choices effect the ending of the game like this one did.

It's a nice game, decent story and the monsters oh how they scary the living hell out of me. Good job


Zaffre says

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The story was okay, to say it optimistically. I understand this was your first story, but it definitely could've been better. For one, you gave Sanity Potions. This is fine, but it tells the player "There are jumpscares in this story. Take these." and there was certainly jumpscares.

The door was bugged and wouldn't open with hammer or key, as people have said. I literally had to go into the level editor and unlock the door manually. And with the extinguishing torches, it was easy to expect the Alexander scare.

Overall, you could've done better. It seemed okay at first, but quickly went downhill. Obliviator, you get a four out of ten.

In spite of being your first custom story, it was pretty nice.
Mechanisms you used were good and interesting (but sometimes it was hard to find out what to do or where to go and even harder if your lantern was totally empty - large rooms whithout posibility to use your tinderboxes). I´ve also found some logical inconsistencies.
The atmosphere wasn´t bad at all, but i think that it could be even more scary.
However, the scripting was nice and the storyline was gripping and suprising.

Story 9/10
Gameplay 7/10
Atmosphere 7/10

Total: 8/10


Dragonogh says

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Good, but neither the hammer NOR the key work in the room after you blow a hole in the wooden wall (after you crawl through the "narrow passage"). I would have rated it better if that situation would work correctly.

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