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This hack lets the view appear more beautiful, with ini settings you can set the amount of color you want, from extreme eye killing cartoonish or to low but little bit better coloring. No more greyish UT, no more can't see because brightness is low and you don't want to raise it because it gets ugly, this helps the game be beautiful but make sure you have the renderers brightness lowered or you'll find your eyes POPPing. You'll find a mutator inside only if you want to make server with it and have everyone in server see it for themselves if they don't have the hack or if you are lazy to install the hack and rather have fast way to blast bots way in pretty manner. The hack does work online too, but not on pure protected servers. all you have to do is go to C:\unrealtournament\system\unrealtournament.ini find line [engine.engine] should appear right when you open near top under that line find console=utmenu.utconsole and change to console=colorfulut.cutconsole

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This isn't a color improvement, this is just messing with colors so it looks worse.

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Feb 10th, 2009

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Jan 6th, 2009

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Oct 7th, 2008

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Aug 4th, 2008

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Aug 4th, 2008

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