The Story Ever since the humans discovered NaPali they have maintained a military and scientific presence on the planet. As one of the very few Earth-like planets in the known universe Napali could potentially be the solution to all of earths resource and population problems. The first outpost to be settled by the humans was based in the northern hemisphere of the planet aptly named "Outpost One". Due to the vast distance between Earth and NaPali the first human ship to arrive carried with it an intergalactic transit gate, which is capable of instantaneous transit from Earth to NaPali. With a firm presence setup on NaPali setup the humans began to explore the surrounding area. It wasn't long before they discovered the Nali who they befriended and gradually over time gained their trust.

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I have to say I enjoyed the first release before it became too fancy. I'll give this one due respect since it's the same thing just overly fancy. All in all a highly entertaining game with lots of things to do and places to explore.


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