“You are the Corporal Daniel Shephard, after crash landing on your way to Black Mesa, your brother Adrian became a Corporal in less than 3 years, very few people have ever become a officer that quickly. As a lowly grunt you have been given the perfect oppurtunity to prove yourself and show that Adrian isn't the only successful one in the family. Escape an infested research facility with aliens and a whole battalion of Black Ops... its going to be hell." This was originally created by B-dama (see his readme for contact details)

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This mod is excellent. The mapping is some kind of better than Valve! Killing the enemies can be a little annoying but that's Gearbox's fault. But you play as another soldier! This one eats the cake. I can't say anything more about this but i suggest you to try it!

9.2 / 10




This is an incredible piece of work, hard and inventive, which uses OpFor assets to the maximum.
You'll fight countless Race X monsters, Black Ops, get a boss fight against a Garg... There's also the clever use of some OpFor weapons/tools like the barnacle,

the fights are also hard and it is advised to keep some of the buddies with you, for example the engineer, if you keep him alive, he'll open you some optional doors for goodies. There is a moment where I had 3 buddies with me and I kept them alive as long as possible,

also the Displacer in some places can teleport you to mini-Xen levels, where you can get some good stuff and even deliver some fellow Marines.

It has everything in it, in Valve-quality, to never get you bored, puzzles, vehicles, various battles...

The final fight is against 2 black ops vehicles, an Apache and a V22 Osprey, depending on how you're good and fast, it can be real quick or be a real pain in the ***.

Either way, a must-play for every HL fan in the world, a clever and inventive piece of work.


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Awesome mod, never felt bored while playing it. Really the best I've played for Opposing Force alone. I highly recommend this one. Great level design, pretty tough to beat but isn't impossible. Also, I really like how you can have your allies follow you pretty much from the start to the end but it isn't necessary. Even when there are parts when you have to leave them, there's always an option you can find to open the way for them. Which is awesome for making those firefights more intense and fun. If you haven't played this one yet you should definitely consider it. All the classic Opposing Force weapons and enemies in a new setting. Isn't the longest mod but I would not consider it too short.

Try it out if you haven't yet.


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