This is an era mod which adds the Ultimate Clone Wars era to all shipped maps, as well as several new included maps. Some notable features include: -Random clone legions, commando units, and heroes for all maps. -AI Heroes -Enhanced side layout -New lasers, sounds, effects, etc. -New characters from various places, including the new Clone Wars TV series -Balance and difficulty similar to the shipped game. (Maybe a little bit harder) -5 New maps -New game modes

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Works great awsome mod but some maps make the game crash

One of the best mod for BFII

great mod
i love the new Units


I think it is the best mod for Battlefront 2

Nice Men ILOve IT!!!!

Great mod. I like the new Units and custom models, it just changes things up a little bit, something new.


I'm playing this mod for many years now and I really like it <3
The custom models are well done and the overall feeling is also nice!
There is only one thing I have to complain about:
-> The sides are very unbalanced.
You can't do anything against the stronger units, you unlock after a certain amount of points, with the weaker units, which you can use from the beginning.
I know, that it's is desired, that the unlockable units feel different and surely a little bit stronger then the first ones, but they don't have to be totally overpowered (eg. Droid Commander,Commando Droid, Arial Trooper with the Chaingun, Heavy Battle Droid with Jetpack and some more ...)
The latest version of the Mandalorian Wars Project for BFII also has some differently.

Its awesome.

Random clone legions and random droid units!!!

I've played on some of the maps, the gameplay is really really great, it provides a lot of gameplay value, and all those maps makes the battles endless also because of change of clone units, it's just amazing.

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