OVERVIEW: There was a time before the present age, a time in which men were closer to the gods, a time in which mighty cities dominated the world, a time in which heroes ruled the battlefield. These heroes looked upon the gods and performed deeds greater than any man today could, deeds worthy of the highest praise in poetry. Epic battles were fought between them as the gods looked on. The year is 1270 BC, and in the land of the Achaeans the great king Atreus has just died. His father Pelops had conquered all before him, granting the land the name 'Peloponnesos' ('the island of Pelops'), and his dynasty reigned supreme in the city of Mycenae. Now his sons, Agammemnon and Menelaus, rulers of Mycenae and Sparta, look to bring the rest of Greece and the Greek world under their dominion. Many cities have already succumbed, but much of Greece is still independent. The Mycenaeans are not the only great power however. North of Greece, the Thracians hold power and in far Epirus...

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Troy is the best!




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The battlefield experience is superb due to the high quality of unit artwork.


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